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My Ageless Male Review: What You Need To Know Before Buying This Testosterone Booster…

In my Ageless Male review I answer:

  • Does Ageless Male have any side effects.
  • What it is Ageless Male.
  • Who it’s for.
  • If it actually works.
  • Where to buy it.
  • And…My personal experience after taking a full cycle.

If you’re thinking about buying Ageless Male’s testosterone booster, keep reading because I’m going to share my thoughts and opinions in my unbiased review…

ChadHey it’s Chad here.

So let me first tell you why I chose to buy this supplement in the first place. Testosterone is important to a guy, and it’s not just about better sexual function.

The hormone testosterone is said to help people who work out at the gym. It lessens muscle damage and improves anaerobic performance.

This means you can work out more and improve your physique. Beyond looking good, having low testosterone levels has been associated with bone weakness.

This can eventually lead to a bone condition called osteoporosis. Some studies also link having low levels of testosterone to an increased rate in mortality.

If you are a man who often uses the Internet, you may have noticed a lot of ads for testosterone boosters.

These ads appeal to guys who may be suffering from waning sexual drive, declining muscle mass, and other ailments affecting one’s masculinity.

While a lot of people ignore these ads, still a large number have been taking notice.

In 2013 alone, there have been 7.2 million prescriptions written for testosterone boosters.

You might be thinking, “7.2 million people can’t be wrong,” when it comes to taking these supplements. Continue reading the review to find out if taking testosterone boosters actually works.

And if it does, is Ageless Male the right testosterone booster for you?

What Is Ageless Male?

One of the testosterone supplement ads that you may have seen is for Ageless Male.

This is a booster that boasts of having natural ingredients.

It contains cissus quadranglaris, palmetto, chlorophytum borivilianum, mucuna pruriens, tongkat ali, and tribulus terrestris.

By taking a capsule per day of this vitamin, Ageless Male promises that you will experience:

  • Increase in free testosterone production.
  • Boost in energy levels.
  • Improvement in muscle growth. (of course, this must be complemented by proper exercise)
  • Increase in sex drive or libido.
  • Improvement of fitness and general health.

This male supplement has been around since 2003 and is being marketed by a company known as New Vitality.

They claim that the booster doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients that can cause adverse reactions in the people who use it.

One good thing about Ageless Male is that it is being manufactured by an “experienced” company.

Since it has been around for over ten years, it may have the experience to create a working supplement.

Don’t be intimidated by the names of the components which I stated above, They are just added extracts to the supplement.

Below are the active ingredients which you will find in each and every Ageless Male capsule:


Source of MagnesiumEach capsule contains 16 mg of Magnesium. This component is involved with over 300 reactions in the human body.

It has something to do with synthesizing protein, optimizing muscle function, controlling blood pressure, and more.

Recently, it has been discovered that magnesium also has a hand in increasing the testosterone level in the body.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6The capsules contain 4.94 mg of Vitamin B6.

While there are some studies that link testosterone production to the B vitamin complex, there is no significant connection between the vitamin B6 and an increase in the testosterone level in the body.

What it does, though, is improve one’s blood flow. This can promote better sex drive.

Additionally, having a deficiency in vitamin B6 also causes the brain to regulate estrogen. This can have a detrimental effect on the body’s testosterone production.


Zinc in FoodAgeless Male contains 15 mg of Zinc.

Studies have proven that adding 30 mg of Zinc in your diet can boost the production of testosterone.

You can get a lot of your daily intake from healthy foods.

Fenugreek seed extract

Fenugreek seed extractThis popular male supplement ingredient is also found in Ageless Male.

It has long been linked to better testosterone production in the body, but no study has made a conclusive connection between this ingredient and an actual boost in testosterone levels.

Most claims indicate that you must ingest a total of 1300 mg of Fenugreek extract in order to see any benefits.

Since Ageless Male only contains 300 mg of this component, you are most likely not going to see much improvement.

Looking at the ingredients, it appears that Ageless Male is no different from other ZMA supplements. The only difference is that this testosterone booster contains Fenugreek.

So, what does this mean?

It could be that the benefits that customers are experiencing can be achieved by taking a combination of ZMA supplements and Fenugreek extracts.

This would be cheaper and more effective because you can take more of the active ingredients for the same price.

Who Is Ageless Male For?

Men over 40 joggingThe target market of Ageless Male are guys who are 40 years old and above.

By this age, natural testosterone production is starting to slow down.

These individuals may already be experiencing some changes like increased fatigue, slower healing in between visits to the gym, lower sex drive, and more.

Some may also be experiencing erectile dysfunction.

These are just a few reasons why men go to their doctor to inquire about testosterone supplements.

Does Ageless Male Have Side Effects?

side effects banner

Like any other supplements, Ageless Male has ingredients that can cause negative reactions in the body.

One common complaint from users is that they started feeling irritable after taking the supplement.

One consumer claims he felt “angrier” for no reason after taking Ageless Male for three weeks.

This “becoming angrier” reaction may be psychosomatic though.

Since testosterone is related to aggression, people may think that an increase in testosterone may also increase their aggression. It is not that simple.

There should be a significant increase in the level of testosterone in the body before an individual can actually feel an effect on his level of aggression.

However, since the subject has not been tested for testosterone level, we cannot really say if the complaint is valid or not.

Another customer experienced a loss of smell and taste.

He said, “I smell the same odor” even when he is smelling chocolate, coffee, cigarette smoke, or bacon.

This is unfortunate but could be an isolated case. There is no medical reason why anybody would lose his sense of smell or taste while taking this supplement.

Others also complained of losing feelings of affection, absolute loss of sex drive, bloating, weight gain, and massive headaches.

Feeling less affection and actual loss of sex drive is the opposite of what Ageless Male is promising its users.

According to studies, testosterone supplementation is known to cause problems like disturbed breathing during sleep, tenderness, and swelling of the breasts and joints, and acne.

Some users may also experience a surge in red blood cell counts. This can lead to clotting.

If you continue to take Ageless Male unsupervised, these are just a few of the short-term problems that you may encounter.

Now, let’s talk long term adverse effect.

There is a reason why a lot of doctors do not approve of prescribing male supplements like testosterone boosters.

Men who have been taking this type of supplement for a longer period has shown these reactions:

  • Reduction in sperm count.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems like heart disease, heart attacks, or strokes.
  • Increased risk in developing prostate cancer.
  • Increased risk in developing urinary problems.

So, should you wish to take supplements like Ageless Male, it is important that you work closely with your doctor in order for him or her to monitor the risks that are involved.

People with known heart conditions and history of prostate problems are advised to consider other solutions to naturally increase the levels of hormones in their bodies.

Does Ageless Male Really Work and Where Can You Buy It?

One reason why Ageless Male is so popular is because you can easily purchase it. You can get it directly from various distributors online.

You can also buy them from large stores like Walgreens and Walmart.

You can buy a bottle of this product for $19.99 at Walgreens and they would even ship it to your address for free. You can also go directly to New Vitality’s website and order the product there.

Now, just because it is popular doesn’t automatically mean that it is effective.

If you go to product page on Amazon, you would see that a whopping 34% of the 193 customers who chose to leave their review gave this product a 1-star rating.

A lot of the complaints claim that they did not experience any improvement in their vitality.

You would see a lot of comments stating, “did not work,” “no effect whatsoever,” and “don’t waste your money on this,” on the review page.

One customer who went to have his testosterone level checked before and after taking Ageless Male learned that his levels went from 308 ng/dL to only 322 ng/dL.

That is less than a 5% increase, which is way below the 50-60% increase that the manufacturer is claiming.

This customer took the supplement religiously and even went a little above the recommended dose by taking one extra capsule per day.

Some claim that, after taking Ageless Male for 30 days, they did see an improvement in their libido and stamina.

However, they claim that the price is still too steep for experiencing such minimal effects.

Some users said it was cheaper to just get Fenugreek extract supplements from health shops.

Finally, a few customers complained about the taste of the supplement. One even commented that “It tastes like crap.

On the other hand, 34% of the buyers from Amazon gave the product 5 stars. Although some of those positive reviews claim that they just bought the product, so those numbers may not really be as telling.

They only commented on how fast the product was delivered to their home.

My Experience & The Ageless Male Alternative That’s Working For Me…

I was able to try this product personally, and I can say that the result is very underwhelming.

I took Ageless Male to supplement my trips to the gym and can attest that there is no significant muscle gain after going through an entire bottle.

I did feel better quickly after my weightlifting sessions, so it allowed me to go back to the gym with less sore muscles.

But that can be attributed to the diet as well. The results I have observed did not convince me to purchase more bottles of this testosterone booster.

In my experience, there are other better male supplements out there.

TestoMax Testosterone BoosterTestoMax is one testosterone booster that I have tried and have seen better effects.

Based on sales alone, TestoMax is one of the five top-selling testo boosters in the market today.

I can attest that after using this supplement for two weeks, I have experienced a significant improvement in vitality.

It allowed me to recover faster after every gym session and even helped me lift heavier weights.

It has fat-burning components that can aid in weight loss. Losing weight is one natural way for aging males to experience a surge in strength and vitality. Also, shedding the extra pounds promotes better testosterone production.

Click here to find out more about Testo Max on the CrazyBulk website

Bottom Line

ChadWhile there are some benefits to taking testosterone boosters, there are also a lot of serious side effects that you will need to consider.

Again, there is a reason why doctors are wary of prescribing supplements to boost the production of testosterone.

The benefits are far outweighed by the dangers of developing prostate cancer or dying of heart ailments.

If you really want to boost testosterone production, you might want to try natural means first before reaching for a bottle of supplements.

Based on reviews and testaments from people who have tried Ageless Male, there is very little significant positive change in their vitality when they tried out this booster.
It may be more economical to try out regular multivitamins and add Fenugreek extract instead.

For those who want to try a supplement that is effective, TestoMax is one supplement that you can consider.

It has proven more effective to me when it comes to improving strength and stamina.

Thanks for reading.

If my Ageless Male review helped please free to share it, and if you have any questions do feel free to ask below in the comments…