This Is How Amanda Cerny Diets And Keeps Her Body In Shape…

Fitness and weight management are factors both crucial to the well being of the human body, but many people easily get discouraged when they try to lose weight but end up failing continuously.

Amanda Cerny has risen to fame and has made her mark in the fitness industry, but many people are not sure how she is able to maintain that rock solid body.

Continue reading if you want to find out what Amanda is doing to maintain her body and how you can also achieve rock solid abs and, of course, lose those extra pounds.

Today we take a look at Amanda Cerny’s diet plan and how she keeps her body in tip top condition.

Who Is Amanda Cerny?

Let’s start by taking a look at who exactly Amanda Cerny is.

Even though many people have heard of her before, some of you might not be 100% sure who exactly she is or why we decided to take a look at how this famous figure takes care of her own body.

Amanda is currently 27 years old – she was born in 1991, in Pennsylvania.

At a younger age, she became quite famous as a model.

Amanda has appeared in many fitness magazines in the past, but what truly made her an icon and someone people are talking about is the fact that she became a Playboy model later in her modeling career.

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Another thing that has made Amanda quite a famous figure today is the Play Foundation.

This is a charity organization that Amanda has established, which came as no surprise.

It was already well-known that Amanda deeply cares for society and she is often seen involved in programs to help the less fortunate.

The Play Foundation was established to provide children with emergency services when they need it.

Amanda Cerny As A Figure In The Fitness Industry

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What we want to discuss mainly today is Amanda as a fitness figure, instead of looking at her career as a model – but mentioning her modeling career is important as it offers a direct view of why she is seen as a famous figure in the fitness industry.

Amanda has a great body – there is absolutely no doubt about that fact.

She has often been referred to as a woman with one of the greatest body in the world.

What made Amanda famous in the fitness industry, however, would be her channel on YouTube.

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She has a channel where she shares a lot of useful videos about maintaining your fitness, such as exercise tutorials, dieting tips, and much more.

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How Does Amanda Cerny Diet And Maintain Her Figure?

Amanda has been rocking one heck of a body since the beginning of her career – and quite a lot of people are wondering how exactly she does that.

With millions of people jumping from one diet to another diet, simply to continue failing with each diet, things can quickly become discouraging.

When people are faced with someone like Amanda, however, and they can know what her secrets are to rocking that type of body, then they can, once again, find the courage to change their lives, lose weight, become fit and, of course, improve their wellbeing.

One of the great things about Amanda is that she cares and she is truly inspirational.

She has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to helping people get into shape, lose weight, and live healthier lives.

Amanda Cerny’s Massive Following

Amanda already has millions of followers on YouTube, and her accounts on other platforms like Instagram are no different – these accounts also boast with millions of people who follow Amanda.

In her videos, she has explained how strenuous her workouts are sometimes in order to ensure that she can stay in shape – and when a photoshoot comes up, then things get even more intense.

While inspirational, many people may think that following her regimen to fitness would be too much for them.

The good thing is, even by just following a couple of Amanda’s tips can already provide you with a number of great benefits.

There is no need to follow as strenuous of a regimen as Amanda.

Amanda maintains her great body with two important methods – first, a lot of physical activity.

Not only does she participate in exercise every day, but she also demonstrates her moves on video and publishes these on her YouTube channel, adding even more activity to her regimen.

Apart from physical activity, Amanda is also a vegan – and she claims that her plant-based diet plays an important role in her ability to maintain that fit body.

Even simple changes in diet and an exercise routine can greatly help to reduce body weight and improve health.

An example would be the Lean Belly Breakthrough program, explaining how fat can be lost without having to make excessive sacrifices and without having to spend hours in the gym.

This type of program can be useful if you simply want to lose a few pounds and perhaps build some muscle mass, without achieving the “model” level of results that can be seen when watching a video on Amanda’s YouTube channel.

Here’s a funny video she put on her Instagram…

What Is Being A Vegan All About?

Veganism is popular throughout the world – millions of people are now living vegan lifestyles.

Veganism is often confused with vegetarianism, however.

A vegetarian is someone who consumes mainly plant-based foods and completely avoids meat, but still eats animal-derived foods, such as eggs, cheese, and other dairy products.

When a person decides to become a vegan, it entails a complete change in their lifestyle – because veganism itself is considered to be a complete lifestyle.

A vegan does not only exclude meat from their diet but completely eliminates animal-based products form their life.

This means they do not eat products that come from animals, such as cow’s milk, cheese, and more.

Additionally, a vegan would also not buy products that are made from animal-derived materials – think crocodile leather handbags, for example.

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When it comes to veganism, it is important to understand that simply deciding to become a vegan does not necessarily mean you are going to start losing weight magically.

The truth is, just as with any other diet that comprises of a lifestyle change, veganism has many unhealthy meals and snacks that can be enjoyed – and can cause you to gain weight.

This is why it is important to closely consider what Amanda is sharing with you on her channels, as well as articles and other pots where she has been interviewed.

You will notice that Amanda does not simply state that she is a vegan, but she puts significant emphasis on the fact that she eats a healthy vegan diet – this excludes food that may cause weight gain, and rather includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as other types of food that helps her body obtain essential nutrients.

Luckily, there are quite a significant number of resources available on the internet that can come in handy when switching to a vegan diet.

Lists of healthy foods that can be used as snacks, as well as to prepare meals, can easily be found – these can help you adopt the type of diet and still enjoy delicious meals throughout the day.

Furthermore, when you are not sure what food to make on a vegan diet, then the thousands of delicious recipes can help you out.

When using a vegan diet for health and to lose weight, it is still important to watch how much calories you eat and, of course, to ensure you exercise enough to burn off more calories than you eat.


Amanda Cerny became a popular figure after she modeled for the Playboy magazine and her YouTube fitness channel has also sparked the interest among millions of people.

One thing that people know is that Amanda has a great and fit body – and she works hard to keep it that way, through following a vegan diet and exercising a lot, as we have revealed here.