Amy Schumer Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

Have you seen Amy Schumer recently?

She shocked the world by posting pictures of her new slim and sexy physique.

Everyone looked at her and wondered, “how did she do it?

So, what’s Amy Schumer’s weight loss secret?

Everyone has welcomed her new look with open arms. It’s especially impressive because a lot of her jokes were aimed at herself and her appearance when she was doing stand-up.

Those jokes no longer apply, though. Just take one look at her new body and you’ll know why.

Amy has developed extremely thick skin over the years.

This is probably the most important thing, you’ll need to know. This meant that she found it a lot easier to do everything her way.

Instead of bowing to public pressure or listening to a thousand voices telling her what to do, she managed to lose weight and continue making the films that she loves.

Love Yourself

The first step is always going to be this. Be your own person.

Don’t listen to anyone else! It’s ok to accept help, but the second somebody is being overly negative, just ignore them and carry on doing your own thing!

She did say that for her roles in Trainwreck, Barbie, and Snatched, that she felt a lot of pressure to lose weight, due to all of the “fat shamers” in Hollywood.

Instead of turning it into a negative and difficult experience, however, she found the positive side and used this as an excuse.

Now, it’s easy to see why she loves her new look.

Other than having a thick skin and doing it your own way, what are her secrets, though?

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A Balanced Diet Plan Helps

Before Amy started out making movies and going up on stage she struggled with her image. She wanted to find flattering dresses to go up on stage in but couldn’t seem to get any.

Not only this but there was pressure from Hollywood both in terms of suggestions and requests that she should lose some weight.

She took this in her stride and decided to eat a lot cleaner.

But don’t worry, eating “clean” doesn’t mean sacrificing good food!

For breakfast, Amy would have a smoothie. That’s all it has to be to not have too many carbohydrates for breakfast and still manage to pump yourself with energy to tackle the day.

The smoothie could be made out of vegetables or fruit, depending on whatever she felt like that morning.

It’s a great way to start the day, though, definitely!

Getting up, going to the kitchen and then fixing yourself a nutritious and tasty smoothie to lift both your mood and your energy levels!

She then transitioned to salads for lunch. To keep it interesting she chose different dressings.

At the start, she still had chicken breast, sirloin steak, and pasta from time to time in order to make the process a bit smoother.

Before long, though, your body will start craving a salad rather than a bag of chips. In fact, one of the reasons a lot of crispy unhealthy foods are so addictive is because they trick your body into thinking you’re eating something nutritious!

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She’d have a protein shake before or after workouts to help her body repair. The aching was an issue at first, but having a clear goal and purpose definitely helped her. Before long she wasn’t missing unhealthy foods or unhealthy habits!

Then for dinner, she’d have fish, rice, and the occasional glass of wine.

The trick is to do everything in moderation.

That, at times, includes moderation!

What this means is that every now and again it’s fine to have a bit of a wild one or grab a takeaway, just so long as when things calm down you’re back to your usual, yummy routine.

Amy Schumer Exercise Routine

This is probably the best part.

Amy didn’t go to the gym in order to exercise.

She did have a personal trainer that trained the likes of Hemsworth and Megan Fox but still didn’t need to leave her room in order to boost her physique.

Instead, she just needed a bit of space and a few boxes.

The best thing is that she was filled with energy because of her new diet.

The nutrients helping her get a better night’s sleep and boosting her mood and her energy, making it easier for her to motivate herself.

She could simply do a plyometric routine in her sitting room, though!

Amy Schumer’s workout routine was as follows:

  • Single leg lateral jumps – Three sets of 10 reps on each leg
  • Frog hops – Three sets of 10
  • Long jump with hop – Three sets of 7 with 90 seconds rest between
  • Kangaroo jumps – Three sets of 10 with 90 seconds rest between
  • Box jumps with rebound – Four sets of 8
  • Lateral jumps with hop – Four sets of 8

Now there are two possible ways of getting into this routine. One will be more effective than the other, but they both have potential problems.

After all, it’s a lot easier if you have a Hollywood trainer barking down your ear!

You can either work your way up to it, which means that you’ll see results faster and at a more steady rate, but it also means that you need to set realistic goals. And the not so recommended way is trying it all at once.

This could work, depending on you, and you might be able to get into it right away, but it might also mean you have too many rest days in the beginning because you’re aching too much.

Have Amy Schumer’s Badass Attitude

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Easily the most important secret.

Attitude is a very large part of looking and feeling great. You have to want it, but your reasons don’t exactly have to be so that you look better on the big screen!

Amy Schumer’s attitude is what carried her through the difficult first stages of her routine, right up until it became second nature.

Not only this, though, but the attitude, in general, is important. Confidence. Confidence is sexy. So, exercising more and eating healthier may make you feel a more confident and it’s well worth it for this.

Even if you don’t think it’s going to improve your confidence and just improve your body, give it a go anyway and you’ll be very surprised with the results!

Healthy food and exercise will work wonders on your mood!

But the first step, before you start your journey, is accepting yourself.

This could also mean accepting the parts you don’t like about yourself.

Amy Schumer was a champion at this when she was onstage, tearing it up with jokes at her own expense.

  • What can you learn from Amy Schumer?
  • What is her biggest secret for looking and feeling great?

It’s an ability to laugh at herself, and it’s an attitude that allows her to simply go through processes that help her health and her weight.

You may look at her and think that she’s famous or she has more time.

But then when you actually listen to her in interviews and watch her movies, you know how down to earth she really is!


So, attitude. Attitude. Attitude.

You don’t need to worry about that small thing at the back of your mind!

You don’t need to hate your body!

As soon as you’re happy and can laugh at yourself it’s so much easier to set goals because Amy Schumer’s winning attitude is already there, and that’s all you need to carry you through!

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