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We all want to have a healthy, great-looking physique. Fact is, looking and feeling your best physically plays an important role in overall health.

There are countless programs offered today, some offering weight loss through dieting, others offering exercise programs to get you into shape. In reality, most of us will need some combination of both to experience our full potential.

That is why BodyBoss offers both a fitness guide and nutrition guide that work together to help you realize your full potential. In this article, we will focus on who stands to benefit from the BodyBoss program, the main features that set BodyBoss apart, and the short-term and long-term benefits of following the guides.

Specially formulated for the busy schedules of modern women, BodyBoss aims to help you take back control of your body through hard work. The unique program, backed by science and real results, will allow to do just that.

Who is BodyBoss for?

If you are serious about your health and fitness and ready to make a change for the better, then BodyBoss is perfect for you. In addition, the BodyBoss method specifically caters to a woman who don’t have the time or money to mess around.

Real guides, real work, and real results. The anywhere and anytime workouts can be done at home, in the gym, at your hotel, or anywhere else you are.

As it is considered to be a high intensity workout regimen, expect to be challenged. If you are not familiar with HIIT (aka High Intensity Interval Training), it is recommended that you begin with the bonus 4-week pre-training program.

This will help you to ease into the training without burning yourself out.

It is also important to note that this intense level of training is not feasible for everyone. Check with your personal physician if you have any questions or concerns, or if you have a medical condition that may limit your physical abilities (i.e. pregnancy, injury, etc.).

Also, check out the BodyBoss community section on their website to find alternative approaches to some of the more challenging workouts.

What is the BodyBoss Method?

As we mentioned, the BodyBoss training program falls into a special category of workout referred to as HIIT training.

This means that the exercises are designed to include quick bursts of maximum effort with short periods of recovery in between. By doing this, you push your body into an anaerobic state (meaning that your muscles are starving for oxygen).

As a result, you will experience and increase in metabolism that allows your body to continue burning calories long after the workout is completed.

So-called “recovery” days in between the HIIT training sessions are important, giving your body much needed time to repair and rebuild. The true progress is what happens in between workouts.

In just 24 minutes per day, 3 times per week, the BodyBoss method will assist you in unlocking your body’s potential.

The four styles of exercise utilized are: bodyweight resistance exercises, plyometrics (a fancy word for jumping!), cardio, and unilateral exercise (focusing on one side of the body at a time).

Once you start the program, it will guide you through four levels of training that each last for 3 weeks. Each week, the intensity level of the exercises will increase in order to push your body to new heights.

Here’s a workout video you can do at home…

Get Results Within 12 Weeks

The result is a 12-week transformation that leaves you in peak physical condition. You will look great and feel even better!

Since the BodyBoss method aims to be accessible to all women, virtually no equipment is required, and guides are available both online and in print. All that is recommended is an exercise mat, towel, water, and a timer.

For added motivation, it never hurts to jam out to your favorite playlist at the same time! In place of expensive equipment, BodyBoss shows you how to easily substitute common household items for the certain workouts.

With over 60 challenging exercises, BodyBoss will keep you on your toes and ready for more. After the 12 weeks are complete, the guide also suggests ways to continue using the program to maintain everything you have accomplished.

After all, it is easier to stay in good shape through consistent training then to build up your fitness from scratch.

Of course, the physical training aspect of health is only half the battle. For the best possible results, you need to be mindful not only of how you move, but what you eat.

The BodyBoss nutritional guide will help you reach this goal.

Designed to work hand in hand with the physical exercise portion of the program, the Superfood Nutrition Guide provides a step-by-step eating plan to maximize your results.

By balancing a healthy diet with strategic incorporation of certain foods, BodyBoss aims to help you avoid poor eating habits and destroy result-killing cravings.

The way this is done is by eliminating process and refined foods from your diet, replacing them instead with foods that are high in healthy fats (yes, that is a thing!), good protein, and wholesome carbs.

The guide allows for the normal 3 meals per day, plus the addition of 2 healthy snacks.

By helping you remove foods that provide little or no nutritional value, the Superfood Nutritional Guide leaves you feeling happier, healthier, and more energetic.
This is key, as you will need to be at your best in order to give 110% during the HIIT workout sessions.

The fuel you supply to your body will dictate your ability to get the most out of your 12-week training. It also establishes healthy eating habits that can stick with you, contributing to a lifetime of physical well-being.

How Will I Benefit?

As a weight loss program, BodyBoss comes with many upsides. Successful execution of the workouts will allow your body to burn fat rapidly.

The coveted “bikini-ready” physique follows closely behind. Through its unique combination of HIIT exercises, the BodyBoss program targets fat loss and muscle toning simultaneously.

Not only will you shed unwanted pounds, you’ll also gain back a firm and toned muscle shape to compliment your slimmer figure.

The list of benefits that come along with achieving your full physical potential is a long one, but it boils down to a few main points.

At the end of your successful 12-week training, you will look, feel, and be healthier. This in turn trickles down to affect other areas of your life that are important to your overall health.

Being in good physical shape gives you the confidence you need to approach life’s many challenges head-on.

We face circumstances in our lives that are beyond our control each and every day. By taking charge of aspects of life we can control, we reach the best position to respond to those we can’t.


With so much at stake, we can’t afford to be complacent with our physical fitness.

Being in the best physical shape that you can be improves your length and quality of life.

The cost of the BodyBoss program may be steep on some budgets, but the benefits speak for themselves. It is hard to put a price tag on the ability to enjoy life and loved ones to the fullest as the best version of yourself.

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