The Best Food to Eat Post Workout

So, what are the best foods to eat after your workout?

Hi there, my name is Abby and today I’m going to talk about the kind of foods and nutrition you need to help fuel your muscles, body and mind after working out.

Let’s get into it…

Most people that find working out as a fun thing normally don’t yet realize how important it is for them to include post workout diet.

Post workout diet are a very essential part of muscle building, weight lose among many other benefits that may be achieved as a result of working out.

One needs to understand that the body is like a wall: you may easily tear down a wall and call someone to help put it up.

However, if bricks and the necessary accompaniments are not provided, then the whole exercise becomes impossible to deal with and at the end of the day, you may not enjoy the benefit that the wall is supposed to give.

It is therefore very essential to always include a post workout routine to your diet and explained below are some reasons as to why you should definitely have a post workout diet in their workout routine.

1. Helps In the Rebuilding Of the Body

Abby flexing muscleThe body, once it has been able to undergo pressure which is brought about by the intense forms of exercises it normally wears and tears away.

Muscles may end up tearing and so do some ligaments.

This may then bring about some pain but at the end of the day, as long as your is busy consuming foods that will be able to help with the remodeling of the muscles and tissues by simply boosting the healing period, then you’re able to get back to shape in no time and end up having more endurance.

2. Speeds up the healing process

In addition, the foods normally are able to help in sending signals that will be able to help in the repair of the worn out or torn ligaments, tissues or muscles that may have been affected during the whole period.

Hence, one will be able to actually get back on their feet and start working out even when there is pain, the ligaments and the worn or torn tissues will be able to become stronger and adapt to the whole process which is a good thing.

The stronger the muscles, the more the endurance level and the better the outcome of the workout.

3. Improves the Immune System

Nevertheless, post workout nutrition is also very essential as it has proven to actually help in improving the immune health of individuals who involve themselves in working out.

By an individual being able to keep healthy, then they will be able to perform better while working out and even enjoy the whole process hence, the need for a post workout diet as it is very essential to the immune system.

4. Provides the Muscles with the Raw Materials That It Needs

Nonetheless, food eaten after workout has proven to also provide the raw materials that helps the muscles to grow.

Carbohydrates are normally an essential source of energy that the body normally needs as this will help the body be able to build more muscles easily since it gets an extra boost from the carbohydrates.

Nevertheless, the insulin hormone is also released which then helps the carbohydrates makes their way around the body leading to a quick restoration of muscles.

Nevertheless, protein balance is also able to become positive which then leads to their being a rapid repairs in the tissue muscles.

The Best Foods after a Workout.

1. Protein Shake

There are many ways in which you may easily be able to make a protein shake as it includes a few ingredients in it in order to get a boost off the shake.

The protein shake may so be purely organic and this also is able to work very well.

You may easily be able to make a protein shake by simply mixing naturally flavored organic whey or vegan protein with just a half-cup of fruit or even a small piece of fruit.

Just a handful of leafy green vegetables such as kale or spinach or romaine and unsweetened almond milk.

This is a simple recipe that will be able to get the job easily done.

2. Naked Whey

With this particular product, you need not be in a position to carefully scrutinize every single product that has been used in making the Naked whey since it is purely from cows which have been grass fed throughout their whole diet process.

It contains no additives, sweeteners, flavoring or any form of coloring.

It is a very good post workout ingredient that you may easily include in your protein shakes that will help in improving performance.

3. Hard Boiled Eggs and Bread

boiled eggs after workoutWhen it comes to eggs, these are any weightlifters best friends since they are full of proteins that are essential for body building.

They are a very high source of high-quality protein that is essential for muscle repair and building post-workout.

As far as bread is concerned, it has been known to be full of carbohydrates which are very essentials as they help in the boosting of energy in the body.

Nevertheless, the carbohydrates that you may get from the bread is able to help in the release of a growth hormone which is known to help your body use protein in the rebuilding of your muscles.

4. Oatmeal

oatmeal after workout

Oatmeal has proven time and time again to be more important in various ways.

Not only is it easy to prepare, but it is also very filling and may make you live longer due to its many benefits.

Oatmeal have proven to be a very important source of carbs that may be consumed post workout as they contain essential vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Nevertheless, it also has proven to help with the refueling of the deleted glycogen levels.

5. Sweet potatoes

sweet potato after working-out

These tubers have been known to be very rich in various nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin B6, C, D, potassium and magnesium.

Nevertheless, they are also very rich in carbohydrates.

6. Salmon

salmon food

The salmon has been found to be a very nutritious post workout meals as it is very rich in protein.

However, its anti-inflammatory property that is normally found in omega-3 is known to help in the rebuilding of muscles and also help in increasing an individual’s performance levels.

7. Orange juice

orange juice benefits

Most people recommend to include this in their post workout diets instead of Gatorade as it is very rich in vitamin C and potassium as well.

Potassium is very essential post workout as it is known to be a very essential electrolyte that is able to aid the body with the restoration of fluid levels.

This juice may also be mixed in a protein shakes as well. Not something I do, but I have heard people do it.

8. Blueberries

blueberries post workout

As much as they may look small, they are a very great source of anti-oxidants.

This then helps the body have a better rate at improving the level at which it is recovering when it comes to intense workouts that may end up wearing out the muscles and the body all together.

9. Pineapple

pineapple benefits

The pineapple fruit has been known to actually contain bromelain which is simply a natural anti-inflammatory that has proven to actually help with the healing of swellings, sprains and even bruises.

The main ingredient that is able to assist in the muscle repairing process is normally vitamin C.


So, there you have it..

Now you know what foods to eat after a workout. Give them a try and fuel those muscles.

It’s important to fuel your body so it repairs and replenishes your muscles.

That way you avoid getting sore and it helps you get faster results. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep.

Good luck!