Best Pre Workout For Women

Okay, so I have the low down on Pre-workout formulas for women, but which products are actually the best?

Like all good fitness and pre-workout nuts, I’ve researched everything so that you don’t have to.

The Pre-workout formulas listed below all have their good and bad points, but it comes down, ultimately, to your goals and preferences with your fitness regime.

Read through the list below and use that as a starting point for your research!

Transparent Labs Preseries Lean Pre-Workout

Transparent Labs lean pre-workout

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Being touted as one of the best formulas on the market, it comes as no surprise that Transparent Labs: LEAN is on my list of Best pre-workout for women.

It has struck a chord with a lot of fitness gurus from various disciplines within both the weight training and cardio areas as it is a unisex safe formula with no testosterone, creatine or fenugreek in it.

Great for cutting down mass and toning, this pre-workout drink for women and men helps to sustain high-level energy than most other pre-workout shakes don’t and works very quickly in your system, making you ready to pump harder than ever before.

To make it even better, and put your mind at ease about what goes into a bottle, the label details the full clinical dosages put into its bottles.

Even better is that all ingredients are backed by scientific research to ensure that you are putting the right amounts of chemical into your body to get your blood pumping and allowing for long-lasting energy without the crash or jitters often felt in other brands.

The only con I really found was the taste. Available in Blue Raspberry and Green Apple, I found the flavour didn’t last as long as I’d hoped but it was still something that I could power through.

The absolute clincher is that a lot of reviewers are citing that the “tlabs10” check out code should still work and save you 10% off your order! Check out Transparent Labs Pre Workout reviews here.

Jamie Eason Stimulant Free Pre-Workout | Lean body for Her.

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Next on my list of best pre-workout supplements is one that appeals to my natural side.

The Jamie Eason Lean Body for Her pre-workout drink for women comes in Orange Mango (the signature series) and Raspberry Lemonade flavours and features no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings and is stimulant free!

Knowing that a pre-workout can be successful without a stimulant can be a relief for some, especially if they react quite easily to caffeine and get the jitters up.

It’s good for those who have days where they just don’t have the motivation to get up and pump up the jams but don’t want to rely on caffeine for the stimulation that a lot of pre-workouts will contain.

That being said, based on the ingredient profile (only four active ingredients, all under-dosed based on an energy perspective), this work out supplement is more for those wanting aid with pump and endurance versus energy from their pre-workout supplements.

This formula is for those who want to look after their muscles (especially when it comes to recovery) while working out, while not jumping around with the energy a stimulant provides.

Gym Angel: Energy Angel 

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Sure to wake you up before your workout, Gym Angel is ideal for those who want to excel in performance but also promote lean muscle mass from their workout.

Keeping you nice and toned, this pre-workout formula has a decent dose of caffeine and combined with the Betaine helps to enhance your workout.

It is more suitable for the weight days versus the cardio days but the energy it gives you doesn’t make you go crazy, which, to be honest, is the goal for most of us isn’t it?

Another perk of Gym Angel as a pre-workout formula is the mix itself.

Pina Colada flavoured, and a half decent one at that, it is quite popular for how it tastes (a bit too sweet is the common feedback but not a deterrent at all) and how well it mixes.

Most people suggest to mix the fine powder with icy water that is a bit more of a larger serving than noted on the bottle but otherwise there isn’t much negative feedback about the taste.

This product, designed by Controlled Labs, who, as we know, make a lot of popular men’s workout formulas, does feature some artificial sweeteners and flavours as opposed to natural alternatives.

But knowing that as the product is a full transparency label, at least you know what you will be consuming.

Overall, for a smooth energy boost that tastes great and promotes lean muscle tone, Gym Angel: Energy Angel is a popular choice, especially for those who focus on weight training.

HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme

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  • Made for women.
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Popular for those who are body building or are focusing on muscle performance, HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme is a pre-workout formula that focuses on endurance in its formula.

Don’t let its rather interesting bottle deter you from the product.

It features multiple flavours including Pina Colada, Tangerine and Sweet Grape Fruit but the Tropical Punch flavour is quite popular and mixes well in cold and room temperature water.

Unlike most pre-workout formulas, it doesn’t unleash the energy in just one burst, it releases it gradually and assists with an evenly energised workout that aids with post workout recovery. Despite being advertised for women, the ingredients, such as L-Citrulline and Agmatine sulfate, are good for the men too so if your guy friends run out of their formula they can have some of yours with no serious issues!

The main downside is that some of the main ingredients are part of a proprietary blend, which is a letdown to many users as you can’t see how much of each particular item went into it.

Users have reacted to this one differently, some experiencing jitters from the creatine and some not, but every user is difference. It may be more suited to a beginner of the pre-workout formulas.

Cellucor, C4 Original Explosive Pre-Workout Supplement, Fruit Punch

C4 by Cellucor preworkout

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Popular among both men and women, this trusted pre-workout formula is suitable for those at all different levels of training. It promotes energy, endurance, focus and pump and has multiple flavours available in its profile, with Fruit Punch being the most popular.

With 150mg of caffeine (from Beta-Alanine and Creatine) per serving, this one is sure to get the skin tingling (in a good way, we promise) and get you energised for your workout. It doesn’t let you crash either, but smooths out the energy into the endurance of the workout, letting you still perform to the best of your ability.

Why are all of these factors important in a pre-workout formula for women? Simple, C4 doesn’t let you crash and doesn’t leave you exhausted like some other formulas can.

Cycled in a 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off usage cycle, Cellucore ensure that the users are getting the most use out of the product and are taking it correctly.

While the only downside is that the label isn’t 100% transparent (only one proprietary blend) it gives the dosage amounts of all of the main ingredients that matter (including how much caffeine is used in the proprietary blend.)

C4 Delivers a product that gives an Explosive punch of energy while assisting with the endurance and performance that you put out.

The Hunt For The Best Pre Workout

Hi there!

Abby here and today I want to talk about something that a lot of people seem to be confused about which is trying to find the right pre-workout supplement and if women need a special formula compared to men.

I’ll get to that shortly so do read on…

Okay, not long ago I embarked on this goal that before I went back to martial arts club to train for my black belt, after 5 years of not training, I would get back to my peak physical shape.

Like all people with the gym or exercised based resolutions (I say generic “resolutions” because this decision occurred nowhere near New Year’s Eve), without even thinking, I enrolled in a gym and then went consistently three times a week (My old training schedule with my club) for all of two weeks.

Then I didn’t touch my membership for a month.

Conveniently for me, I’d joined the same gym as my fitness nut friend who was able to get to the bottom of my sudden procrastination.

Like most people, at the end of the workday, or before work, I just have no motivation to exercise.

Being an Admin manager, I find sitting in front of my computer all day logging work orders, doing the banking and chasing up HR stuff for the office to be quite tiring.

To be honest, starting this gym thing in the middle of winter when my duvet is my best friend was also against me.

That was until my fitness friend told me about what she used to get herself motivated for a work out.

My friend told me all about what pre workout formulas were and what they were used for and I was hooked. I had to look further into it because I needed to know that they were safe and healthy to use.

So… What is a Pre workout and why do you need it?

Taken prior to exercise, a pre-workout supplement, when consumed in the right combination and dosage, helps to boost stamina, endurance, strength and energy.

Essentially, it works to improve your performance during a workout, allowing for max training during your session.

It is a good product for motivating you on the days you don’t want to train or are too tired as it enhances focus while reducing stress.

The supplements in the best pre workout for women pump up physical power and enhance anaerobic power.

To make it even better, it can be consumed 30 minutes before a workout on an empty stomach or with a small snack (like in the car or bus on the way to the gym) as it is efficient, convenient and practical, especially for those on a tight schedule.

Most popular preworkout + bonus gift

Why do women need special formulas compared to men?

Like almost everything available, most supplements are suitable for both men and women, but there are some supplements that work better for one gender than the other such as D-Aspartic Acid (1) and Fenugreek (2) being more suitable for men while Evodiamine and Beta Alanine are more suitable for women.

As most women want to increase lean muscle mass and tone, products that enhance or work with this are more suitable versus ones with, say, Creatine in it as it is a known muscle gainer.

Pre-workout supplements themselves have only gained popularity in recent years, but with the scientific research behind them becoming even more popular, it didn’t take the supplement industry to research and find what works better for women and mass market it (especially so we don’t have to spend time scouring the pre-workout section for a supplement that won’t overdo it for the women).

What chemicals should be included in the Pre-workout formula for Women.

Like almost anything produced with a health benefit, there will always been an argument over what supplements should go into a pre-workout, especially ones for women, but after my research, these were the ones that I nailed as key for a peak workout.

Caffeine – boosts physical endurance and alertness. It is taken regularly with or in pre-workout drinks and it will assist with muscle building and calorie burning (a big plus in the weight loss factor!)

Beta Alanine – when combined with histamine it boosts amino acid levels, reducing the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles.

It allows for greater physical endurance and better lean muscle mass retention, so it’s great for those who love weight training but don’t want the gains!

Citrulline Malate, Arginine, Nitrosigine, Grape Seed Extract, Beet Extract – I’ve grouped these various ingredients together because they all have one common feature.

They work to enhance blood flow to the muscles and allows more blood and nutrients to get in. The extra oxygen and nutrients also reduce fatigue allowing for more focus and effort, which means you will put out more in the exercise while enduring a longer session if you prefer (which I generally do as I’m not a 5 day a week gym goer).

Betaine Anhydrous (3)

One of the ingredients named as more suitable for women, it boosts physical strength and is naturally produced in the body, but also found in seaweed, spinach and beets. It’s also a natural deterrent against osteoporosis and heart disease. (Just saying, but natural ingredients will always get a big tick in my book too).


Found in black pepper, it enhances the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Vitamin b12 

Promotes development of proteins, nerve cells and blood cells in the body. Also allows for peak levels over longer periods. Basically, another great product for endurance workouts.

Phosphatidylserine (4)

The human body naturally creates Cortisol, which retains fat in the fat cells.

When working out on a completely empty stomach (no food or drink in the hours prior) the body actually retains the fat instead of burning it off.

When Phosphatidylserine is used in a pre-workout supplements, it helps to reduce cortisol levels in the body and in turn leads to faster weight loss as the body isn’t retaining the fat cells.

Green Tea

An age old supplement, I know, but there are several studies out there that prove that Green Tea promotes fat burning, increases metabolism and encourages hormones to use fat cells as energy. It’s metabolic properties are why it’s usually recommended to be drunk with meals as it helps with the digestion.

Evodiamine (5)

Another supplement found in several pre-workout formulas for women, it works like an antioxidant and boosts energy levels.

It’s a mood enhancer and increases your fat burning rate. This is one of the supplements that contributes to that freshly woken-up feeling that you get from taking these formulas.

Combined with the Betaine Anhydrous and Beta Alanine, it gives you a buzz like no other, so don’t over dose if you have a product with these three supplements as you might end up feeling Jittery.

L Theanine 

This is a great supplement for those who work out late at night and have trouble sleeping, use a pre workout supplement that gives you the jitters or has a lot of caffeine in it. It works like a relaxant without being a sedative and helps to take the edge off any caffeine (so basically you won’t be found slumped over your desk at 2pm on this unless you go full Demon mode at the gym).

How can I get the most out of my pre-workout formula?

When picking the best pre-workout for women, use the ‘needs’ approach. Look at what your goals are and what supplements are needed to enhance or assist with those factors.

Use a product that suits you, but also supplement it with healthy eating based on what your body needs (like carbohydrates before a workout).

Don’t work out on an empty stomach as it may not encourage fat loss but can eat up more muscle.

Pre-workout FAQs

Like every product that you are new to, or haven’t tried that particular brand before, there will always be questions that can’t always be answered.

These questions below were some of my biggest concerns that I had before I got stuck into the Best Pre-workout Formulas for women which is why I’m sharing my experience here:

Will I have sleepless nights?

Not necessarily.

Most pre-workout formulas use caffeine, but not quite as much as a cup of coffee so it is less likely to keep you up at night, but everyone is different so trial and error different brands and scoop amount to figure out your tolerance to caffeine. If you’re still concerned use a pre-workout formula that has natural caffeine in it for a more gradual release.

What about being too hyper or jittery?

Like mentioned above, it comes down to tolerance of the products. Mind you, the pre-workout formulas are meant to promote an increase in energy or activity so maybe try and see what works. It’s also handy to note that most manufacturers have a “cycle” system in place to ensure that your body doesn’t get too used to the product.

Will I have massive gains like I see in most unisex advertising?

While the pre-workout formulas do assist in muscle gain, a lot of the women pre-workout formulas have supplements that promote lean muscle over bulk. If you want to bulk there are specific bulk formulas out there that can help with bulk. It also depends on what you spend most of your time on, that is weights or cardio training.

I don’t understand half of the ingredients on these labels, how am I meant to know what is good for me?

Keeping an eye out for products that are either under or over dosing is essential, partly to make sure you get enough pump for your buck, but also that you are not doing more harm than good.

This is where Google, your PT or a health food store associate can help.

Look at what amounts are generally required to assist with your goal and compare it to what is on the bottle. My list of what to look out for above, as well, is pretty handy, so bookmark this page on your phone and refer to it as needed.

In a (fitness) nut-shell.

So like most health or fitness-enhancing products, pre-workout formulas have their pros, cons and degrees of suitability when it comes to the user.

Every user and their workout are different so it’s always worth trying your friend’s formula, score samples where you can, or just buy a few different brands you want to try and see what they do.

The top-rated pre-workout formulas for women are typically designed for energy, endurance, pump and performance and are pretty much essential if you want to work out without getting exhausted or tired to early; so it’s well worth doing extensive research into the brands that you want to try.

The list I’ve made is my top pre-workout supplements for women list, and would be my go to list if I ever need a change or would be recommending it to someone, much the same way that my friend did for me.

It just comes down to knowing what your fitness goals are and working to achieve that with the right supplements.

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  1. This is a really good write up and helped explain a lot for me. I’m going to get Jamie Eason pre-workout because I’ve heard really good things about her and I’m even thinking about following her workouts. Is Jamie Eason’s workout program any good? Thanks!

    • She does have a good workout program and her pre-workout formula is amazing. Definitely gives you a well-needed boost in the gym when you are feeling sluggish.
      Not sure about her workout program but if you’re looking for a complete workout that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars like most of these fitness gurus then check out the Bikini Body Workouts. Definitely worth the $30

  2. Jamie Eason’s pre workout is amazing. I’ve tried others and they gave me the jitters and made me feel a little too edgy if that makes sense.

  3. This was very helpful. I’m just getting started in the gym and everyone is raving about it and saying I need a preworkout!!

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