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Best Workouts For Women

I think you’ll agree, choosing the best workout guide can be a daunting task.

With so many to choose from, which is the right one for you?

We’ve done the hard work for you.

After sifting through countless fitness programs, meal plans and online coaching programs, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 of the very best…

All of the workout programs below meet our ‘Approved’ standard, which includes:

  • A minimum of 60 days money-back-guarantee.
  • Sold via a one-off payment rather than an auto-billing scheme.
  • Proven to get results

Top Three Workout Programs for Women:

Below are the top three online workout programs for women.

Check them out!

#1 Bikini Body Workouts

bikini body workoutsThis plan is very simple to follow and will make you healthy and fit quite easily.

Let’s see what this plan has got for you.

( Click here to visit Bikini Body Workouts )

Balanced Diet:  Making your diet balanced is one of the important things you need to add in your life in order get an impressive body.

Now what is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is the type of diet that contains everything in it (all of the food groups) but in portions that are perfect to meet the needs of your body.

For example, if your diet contains a proper intake of proteins, fibers, vitamins, etc. then this is called a balanced diet. In a balanced diet there is no deficiency of anything that can lead to health problems.

Nor is there an excess of food items that can also lead to health related problems.

In other words everything is balanced in the diet plan that the Bikini Body Workouts guide offers to its users. By following the provided meal plan you will be well on your way to achieving a body you’ve always wanted.

Exercise: All of the exercises in the Bikini Body workouts guide are designed to target the fat stored inside the body to give you a firm stomach, and legs that will look wonderful.

It is also very easy to do as you won’t need to make use of expensive exercise equipment.

Visit Bikini Body Workouts Website

( Same workouts I follow )

#2 My Bikini Belly

This workout has got something which is a bit different from others. It includes a thirty second workout for abs that will destroy the fat from your belly.

This will allow you to get a stomach that you can be proud of. You won’t feel even the least bit hesitant about ever wearing a bikini.

The rest of the workout includes body movements that help trigger the anti-aging hormones inside your body to make you look and feel younger.

This workout is highly recommended for women who are over the age of 35 and are experiencing menopause.

Full details:  www.mybikinibelly.com 

#3 The Beta Switch

Toned In TenThis workout guide is by Sue Heintze, an Australian trainer.

The workout taps into a metabolic switch in women that helps them to burn fat without having to say good-bye to their favorite food items.

With this guide there no more diets that will make you starve, no more risk of food binges, and no more marathons of tough exercise.

Everything is easy to do and follow.

Sue Heintze website: www.thebetaswitch.com 

What Women Should Look For When Buying A Workout Program

Are you thinking of getting a gym membership or you have joined a gym already?

If yes, then you must be thinking about the kinds of workouts you should be performing.

It is very important to know about the workouts you are going to do and how you will go about doing them.

If you don’t know about the proper way of doing a workout then it can be harmful to your health.

So, before going to the gym or before doing any kind of workout, even when at home, you need to understand the proper way of exercising.

  1. Cardio:

One of the types of workouts that can be performed in the gym or home is the cardio workout.

Women who are older than forty are advised to perform such workouts.

It makes the bones grow stronger and the heart to become healthier. When you are about to do a cardio workout for the first time it is advised that you shouldn’t perform it for more than 15 minutes in the beginning.

Once you make your body become comfortable only then you can increase doing it for a longer period of time.

  1. Muscle Strength Workouts:

Weights For WomenThough women have less muscle strength compared to men it can be increased through the proper kinds of workouts.

The workouts for increasing the strength of your muscles include pushups, sit-ups, lifting light weights, etc.

Even power-yoga can help your muscles become firm and look toned.

Having stronger muscles will help you get rid of fatigue, and increase your stamina.

  1. Flexible Workouts:

For stay-at-home moms a lot of their time can go by without doing the necessary exercise.

That is why their weight begins to increase, and their body starts to expand.

Flexibility is needed by women in order to make sure their body doesn’t become weak and give rise to joint pains in the future.

Flexibility improving exercises include a lot of arm and leg stretches.

Yoga also helps to make the body more flexible and aids in the proper functioning of internal organs by improving overall blood circulation.

Keep in Mind

One thing that people need to keep in mind is that timing is very important. Giving the proper time to each exercise and knowing how long one has to wait between sets is important.

Going too fast while exercising or going too slow can do more harm than good to the body.

After completing a set of exercises make sure that you take at least 30 seconds of rest before starting another set.

If you feel that doing a particular exercise is giving you too much pain then stop immediately.

A healthy workout is not supposed to be painful. Also don’t try to lift heavy weights right from the start or try and do a complex yoga pose.

You need to make your body feel comfortable before you start to exert it further.

The Difference between Women and Men Workouts

There is a difference between the workouts that are meant to be done by males and the ones that are to be performed by females.

The bodies of men and women are different and that is why it is important to know what kinds of exercises each gender should do to attain their health goals.

Generally speaking if both men and women want to make their bodies stronger and improve their stamina then there isn’t much of a difference in the kind of exercises they should and shouldn’t do.

Women can do push-ups just like men, and so on.

The only difference that can be seen is in the weights that should be lifted by each gender.

Women are advised not to lift very heavy weights if they want a more curvaceous body.

Furthermore, workouts for women generally focus on the legs, hips, belly, and toning the forearms.

Workouts for men normally focus on building a stronger chest, abdomen, and getting muscular arms and legs.

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  1. Can I do the bikini body workout program at home or do I need to go to the gym?
    I really like the look of it but my gym is 30 min away and I want to workout at home.

    • Hi Kim!
      Yes you can do bikini body workouts at home. Jen has a gym program and a workout at home program both are very good.

      Good luck 🙂

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