BodyBoss Method vs. Bikini Body Workouts: Whats Better for You?

There are so many fitness programs and workouts at our disposal if you want to slim down or just stay in shape.

However, not all of them are equal!

Chances are you’ve come across BodyBoss method and Bikini Body Workouts as they became incredibly popular among women.

At first glance, it may seem they’re pretty much the same thing, but that’s not quite correct. If you’re looking for a program to slim down, stay in shape, or achieve certain body goals, then you’ll definitely want to read this post.

Keep reading to see how these two workout programs compare with one another and what’s best for you…

What is the BodyBoss method, and how it works?

bodyboss method guide

The Body-Boss method is a 12-week full-body workout program designed specifically for women.

The fitness and nutrition program is created in a manner to fit seamlessly into a woman’s lifestyle, even for busy ladies.

This method includes several structured guides whose main objective is to help women get into the best shape ever.

How does it work?

BodyBoss features workouts based on cardio, plyometrics, and callisthenic exercises that you can perform even without equipment.

It’s worth mentioning that BodyBoss includes four bonus weeks of “pretraining” workouts for women who need to work up to the main 12-week program. Creators of the method claim that you can get in the best shape of your life in 24 active minutes per session.

The program itself contains three HIIT workouts a week:

  • Monday – leg and booty day
  • Wednesday – arms and abs day
  • Friday – shorter power-up full-body session

On the flip side, Tuesday is reserved for active recovery, while Thursday is a cardio day.

In order to start working out, it’s necessary to buy the guides directly on the official website.

Three options are available: online edition, print edition, and limited offer online + print edition. Speaking of the online edition, you need to bear in mind it’s not something you can download.

You need to log in BodyBoss platform and use it there.

Every workout plan and nutrition program is bought separately. In other words, your purchase allows you to do the exercises from one specific program, to do something else, or adjust the diet; you’ll need to buy other guides and bundles.

Guides and prices

The BodyBoss workout program revolves around the guides women can purchase on their platform.

Below, you can see the brief rundown of their guides and prices:

  • Fit Challenge – a 30-day challenge with Kim Lyons, the celebrity trainer, and nutritionist. The program costs $44.90
  • Ultimate Body Fitness Guide – 4 weeks of the pretraining period and 12-week HIIT program. The price of this guide is $49.50
  • Tone Guide – 6-week body toning program that combines both home and gym workouts. The price of this program is $44.90
  • Superfood Nutrition Guide – 12-week nutrition plan and bonus smoothie guide available for $39.90

Bundles and other merchandise are also available on the website.

When to expect results?

This is, actually, where people make mistakes the most. We expect workout programs to deliver results within the same timeframe to everyone, but you need to bear in mind that every person is different, and so is their body. Different bodies lose weight or tone muscles at different rates.

That being said, BodyBoss promises users can expect to notice real changes as fast as two weeks.

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What is Bikini Body Workout?

Bikini Body Workouts

Every woman wants to have an amazing bikini body, and that’s exactly what this program aims to achieve.

Yes, Bikini Body Workout is not just some regular exercise you do get bikini ready, it’s a well-structured program you need to follow to achieve desired results.

Created by Jen Ferrugia, Bikini Body Workout is a digital program that you can download to the preferred device.

Keeping in mind that most workout programs out there are complicated and difficult to follow, Ferrugia opted to design a plan consisting of simple, yet effective exercises alongside the easy-to-follow nutrition plan.

The whole program promises to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and strives to help women get their bikini bodies in a relatively short timeframe.

How does it work?

bikini body gym workout routine

Bikini Body Workout doesn’t have a print edition. Instead, you need to visit the official website and purchase it.

Upon the completion of the purchase, you’ll get to download the program. Basically, you can use and follow the program on any device you’d like wherever you are.

There is no need to log in and be online on the platform to get access to the exercises.

Each workout takes up to 45 minutes, meaning you spend three hours a week exercises.

Not much, but enough to activate your muscles, accelerate metabolism, and promote weight loss. Per the program, you need to exercise four days a week while the remaining three are rest days.

Created specifically for women, Bikini Body Workout contains a structured program that allows users to exercise at home if they’re too busy to go to the gym.

Minimal equipment is necessary to complete the exercises and achieve the desired results.

Speaking of equipment, you will need dumbbells, resistance bands, foam rollers, and a box or a bench. In a nutshell, these basic pieces of equipment can do a lot for our muscles and their definition, yet it’s easy to buy them since they come at affordable prices.

Price and guide

The Bikini Body System consists of the following:

  • Bikini Body Online Instructional Exercise Videos – exercises that will help you burn three times more fat in only 1/3 the time
  • Bikini Body Workout Guide – step-by-step workout guide that lays out every exercise, set, repetition, and more
  • Bikini Body Nutrition Guide – outlines delicious and healthy foods that promote fat-burning
  • Bikini Body Supplement List – delivers the inside scoop on the supplements that truly work to help you avoid those money-grabbing products that don’t do anything for you
  • Bikini Body Comprehensive Shopping List – shopping choices we make can influence our weight loss and body goal efforts. The shopping list is intended to allow users to make healthy and wise choices every time they go to the grocery store
  • Bikini Body 21-Day Booty Blast – special program consisting of 10-minute workouts for sexiest butt

The whole system comes at $29.99 i.e.; there is no need to purchase every guide separately.

After doing some research we found a website offering a discount where you can save an extra 15% off using a coupon at

When to expect results?

Bikini Body Workout does not specify when to expect results or notice visible changes in your body.

As mentioned above, every woman is different. We have different weight, metabolic rate, desires, and more. If you stick to the recommended workouts and nutrition plan, then you can expect results fast.

Basically, the pace at which results appear depends entirely on a user’s adherence.

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BodyBoss vs. Bikini Body Workout side by side

Now that you know the basics associated with each program, it’s time to see how they compare with one another side by side.

You’ll notice they have a lot of similarities, but also evident differences at the same time.

The purpose

Although they have different names, the main objective of these programs is somewhat similar.

Both BodyBoss and Bikini Body Workout aim to help users slim down, tone muscles, and get the best shape ever.

While Bikini Body Workout is more geared toward the idea of having the perfect bikini body for beach days, the program intends just like BodyBoss to help take control of the body in order to help you become healthier, sexier, and more empowered.

Target population

This is yet another similarity between the two programs; both are navigated toward women.

Males may not benefit the most from these exercises, and the reason is simple – different body composition. For example, women store more fat than men, which is why these exercises help you burn fat and tone muscles.

Moreover, both programs take into account women with busy lifestyles and provide exercises that you can do at home just as you’d perform them in the gym.

It’s worth noting these workouts are not just about achieving a certain body goal, but about confidence, health, and happiness, women feel when they notice results.


Fitness equipment is sometimes necessary to tone muscles, burn fat, and boost endurance.

We usually associate equipment with big machines in the gym that only rich women could afford, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Nowadays, fitness equipment is quite affordable, and the options are endless.

Bikini Body Workout consists of some exercises for which you will need basic pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, foam roller, and resistance bands while you probably have some sort of a box or bench in the comfort of your home.

These pieces of equipment are inexpensive, easy to buy, and even easier to use.

When it comes to the need for equipment with the BodyBoss program, it depends on the guide you decide to follow. The Ultimate Guide requires no equipment while the Tone Guide does.

What’s more, the Tone guide consists of workouts that you can only perform on the machines in the gym.

Therefore, this particular guide is not suitable for busy women who have no time for the gym and ladies with a limited budget. Fit Challenge with Kim Lyons also requires some equipment, but basic pieces such as dumbbells, water bottles, stability ball, and a chair.

Ease of use

The ease of use is an important factor to consider when opting for some workout program. If you don’t find it simple to navigate, it would be difficult to follow and adhere to long enough to achieve desired results.

While BodyBoss and Bikini Body Workout programs do have a lot of similarities, this is where they completely differ. The latter is much simpler and easier to use than BodyBoss. How? BodyBoss consists of guides that you purchase in print and online editions or both.

That means, to exercise and adhere to the plan, you need to take the printed guide with you, or you need to log in to their platform because it’s impossible to download to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

This can be quite inconvenient, especially for busy women who want a fast and hassle-free access to the program they paid for. On the flip side, Bikini Body Workout is downloaded straight to your device, and that’s it – you have it with you wherever you go, without logins, passwords printed editions, or anything like that.

The ease of access is an important advantage.


The price tag is yet another major difference between the two. As seen above, BodyBoss contains several guides that you need to buy separately, including the nutrition plan.

In the end, to get the best results, you end up sending quite a lot of money. Sure, this is not a problem for some women, but if your budget is limited, it could be an issue.

On the flip side, the Bikini Body Workout program also consists of different guides, including diet and supplement advice and a shopping list, but they’re not sold separately.

Basically, customers pay the above-mentioned price and get access to all guides, without having to buy anything separately.

BodyBoss has a 30-day money-back guarantee while Bikini Body Workouts has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

VERDICT: Whats better for you?

bodyboss method vs bikini body workouts

BodyBoss and Bikini Body Workouts are two amazing programs you should try whether you want to slim down or just stay in shape. They are created to fit seamlessly into a woman’s lifestyle and do not require a lot of equipment.

As seen in the side-by-side comparison, two programs have a lot of similarities ranging from their main objective to the target population. That being said, they also have evident differences that are worth taking into consideration when you’re choosing the ideal fitness program that will help you achieve your body goals.

Reaching a final verdict is not that easy since both programs have a lot to offer, and they are created to help women feel better about themselves.

However, there has to be a winner, and in this case, it’s Bikini Body Workout by Jen Ferrugia. Why? This is a type of program that offers a lot but at a much lower price.

While BodyBoss requires the purchase of every guide separately (and they’re not that affordable), Bikini Body Workout delivers all sorts of guides together.

That way, you can start changing diet and exercising at the same time and reach desired results at a faster rate.

Besides exercises, you also get to learn about supplements because they’re a hot topic today, and most people waste money on products that don’t work.

There’s also a guide to improve your diet, get a hot butt, and more. The program is easy to buy, use, and follow while delivering things that BodyBoss doesn’t (videos, shopping list, etc.).

To sum it up, Bikini Body Workout is all about simplicity and ease of use while also proving to be effective in helping women slim down, tone muscles, and feel incredibly confident.

The creator has spent several years perfecting the program that also delivers detailed instructions and videos for exercise so that you can execute them properly.

Bikini Body Workout shows that you can get quality training without the gym, and you can achieve your body goals in a simple, hassle-free manner. Click here to learn more about Bikini Body Workouts.