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Bodyboss Review: My Opinion Of Ultimate Body Fitness Guide

bodyboss method reviewThinking about giving the BodyBoss method a try? Before you spend your money, read my review first!

I tried it and quit after just 2 weeks! Here’s why…

meHi there! My name is Anna K and I’m a single mom with 2 girls who live with me full time.

Life has been pretty busy, their father left us for a younger, thinner fling and I found out he had been seeing her behind my back for almost a year!

I wont go into too much details online but to cut a long story short, it was a messy break up and I went into depression and turned to food and spent many nights crying into my pillow.

I packed on a lot of weight, felt extremely unhealthy and felt drained 95% of the day with no energy to do anything.

It was time for change, I had to do something asap! Not just to be a better mom but to take control of my life again and get my old self back.

That’s when I turned to good old Google to help me get back into shape.

My BodyBoss Method Review

Ok, no more sob story I promise, today I want to share my thoughts and opinions on the BodyBoss method and their fitness guide.

So, you’re probably wondering is the BodyBoss fitness guide worth buying?

It is a lot of money for a workout guide after all (especially if you’re on a budget like me). I mean I paid $49.50US for the online edition which in my opinion is a lot of money for a pdf guide.

Yeah yeah, but is it worth the money?

Well it is and it isn’t, let me explain…

To be honest, I was expecting a little more than just a pdf guide that has a few images of each exercise.

Sure this might be what’s standard when it comes to workout guides but what I later found (keep reading) is Bodyboss is actually expensive compared to other programs.

The information and the workouts are ok, don’t get me wrong but I was left pretty disappointed for the lack of value you get for the price.

I gave the workouts a go for 2 weeks but just found it a bit boring and hard to follow.

I’m not sure if it was because the workouts aren’t anything special or if it was because I was disappointed right from the beginning?

My Unfinished Bodyboss Results

After 2 weeks I gave up – yup, I quit!

I gave it a go but like I said the guides just didn’t really excite me enough or motivate me to keep pushing.

2 weeks is a little early to quit but in all honesty, it was boring. Sorry Bodyboss but I’m not a fan.

So, as you can imagine my Bodyboss results weren’t anything special – if I had of kept going, yes I may have seen some results but I need something more to push me.

I showed my girlfriends I used to go to the gym with and they even said the program is nothing special.

Ann, which goes to the gym religiously said it’s basically the same workout routine they give out at the gym when you ask for one made up.

Do the Bodyboss workouts actually work?

Well, like anything, I’m sure if you were consistent and followed it to a tea for the whole duration, sure you would probably see results.

In my opinion I think that these workouts are for people who are already in good shape and fit.

The good thing is you don’t need any gym equipment and can do them anywhere.

However, if you’re like me and need something more for the beginner and also want more value for your money then check out the alternative I’m following now @ www.getbikinibodyworkouts.com

The Bodyboss Alternative I Follow Now And It’s Working For Me…

I was little disappointed at myself and at the Bodyboss guides but I was also sick and tired of feeling fat and unhealthy so I wasn’t going to completely give up – I just needed to find something that was right for me!

It’s funny actually because I searched online to see if anyone felt the same and I came across a forum and there was a discussion on there with others who also had a bad experience.

That’s when I found the bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

Bikini Body Workout program

I wish I found the Bikini Body Workouts earlier because it’s cheaper and it includes more.

You get the workout manual, workout videos to follow along with, a full nutrition guide, shopping lists and more. Go to Jen’s website at www.getbikinibodyworkouts.com to see what I mean – it’s a full program and it’s only $29.99

Bodyboss Method vs Bikini Body Workouts

I will compare both of them so you know what I mean.

TypeBikini Body WorkoutsBodyboss Method
12 Week Workout $29.99$49.50
Nutritional GuideFREE $39.90
Supplement GuideFREENot Included
Shopping ListsFREENot Included
Interactive Workout VideosFREENot Included

As you can see, you do get more with Bikini Body Workouts and it is a much better deal.

I’ve been following Jens guides now for 3 weeks and I am really enjoying it. I’m learning every day, I’m working up a sweat and I’m eating food I love to eat.

Now, I’m not going to say that Bodyboss workouts won’t work for you and I’m certainly not here to bash them or anything like that.

To be honest, I should be thanking them in a way because I probably wouldn’t have found Jens workouts if didn’t find that group of people saying how good her program was.

If you have any questions about Bodyboss or Bikini Body Workouts, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

I’m more than happy to help but please don’t ask me to give you either one for free, you’ll have to buy them yourself.

Personally, I highly recommend Bikini Body Workouts over Bodyboss but that is totally up to you.

Coupon Codes and Discounts

If you’re looking for a Bodyboss coupon code or discount good luck because I tried everywhere and nothing worked?

I tried a bunch of coupon sites but they all gave the same results “The coupon code you entered doesn’t exist. Please try again.”

If you’re looking for a coupon code or discount for Bikini Body Workouts, Margo from the comments below found a promo page at www.ilikediscounts.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/ which saves you 15% off.

I paid full price and still very happy but if you want to save money, go grab the coupon code. (Thanks to Margo)

UPDATE: My Results So Far (Before and After 4 Weeks Progress).

Hey everyone, thought I would do an update to let show my results so far following Jens bikini body workouts.

It’s been 4 weeks now and I’m already seeing very promising results, even I’m shocked lol.

my results so far

So since taking the 12-week bikini body challenge I’ve noticed some changes not just physically but mentally as well.

I have more energy, I feel more confident and every time I look in the mirror I smile!

One thing I’m starting to notice is I wake up ready to take on the world where before I used to take forever to get out of bed.

I practically jump out of bed and I’m ready for what the day is about to throw at me.

Best feeling though is having more energy to do stuff with my 2 girls who need me the most. I also feel like I’m being a better role model to them and they also get involved and love the food.

To anyone reading this, no matter what workout you follow whether it be Bodyboss, bikini body workouts or any other workout program – do it!

Jen Ferruggia, if you ever read this THANK YOU SO MUCH…Your program has completely changed my life.

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22 thoughts on “Bodyboss Review

  1. Trust me, bodyboss method is NOT worth it. Didn’t like it = Big waste of money. Plus they pay people to write reviews of their program and give them their clothes to take selfies with.

    • Bikini Body Workouts is a full program with both video and pdf guide. You also get a bonus 21 day booty building guide which is also really good.

  2. Anna, many thanks for your review about BodyBoss. I was thinking to buy it. Thanks to you, I changed my mind and I am going to buy Bikini Body Workouts. I read the website of BBW and is it really neccesary to have the little equipment like a set of dumbbells, resistance bands and a box or a bench? Regards, Agnie

    • Hi Angie.
      Glad you like my review. To do the workouts it is recommended to have the equipment, I got my dumbbells second hand cheap but recently purchased the resistance bands from Amazon. I got these cheap – http://amzn.to/2tnW2JI
      However, if you can improvise and use something else – go with what you have. Ohh and as for the box or bench I use a chair or a pair of chairs together.
      Hope that helps. Don’t forget to use the coupon code that Margo found at https://www.ilikediscounts.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/

  3. Hello Anna!
    I am now thinking about the bikini body workout program you are using! But I wonder if you can get a suggested nutrition and workout schedule or do you need to put your own together in the beginning? I am very bad at keeping something if I don’t have a schedule to follow… Haha

    Thanks for your review! Great!
    Regards, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, with the bikini body workouts you get the nutrition guide and workout schedule among other things so you should be all good. It is easy to follow as well. I’m not all that disciplined myself but manage to follow Jen’s program without being distracted..If you do get it grab the discount like everyone else seems to be – I paid full price but it was definitely worth it. Good luck hun xx

  4. I’m confused. After reading this review, I bought the Bikink Body guide thinking it could be done at home. After reading the workout guide, that definitely does not seem to be the case. Considering I already paid for it, this is extremely frustrating.

  5. Thanks for such a fair point of view.

    I was about to buy the bodyboss workout and felt it was expensive and was looking for some reviews. Thankyou for being so frank! I totally thought 24 mins was the total time u spend! Keep us all updated on how ur workout results with bikini body workouts!

  6. @Margo thank you darl, the coupon worked! And thank you Anna for this review. Very impressed with this bikini body workouts and can’t wait to get started.
    The videos are great and I love the guide <3

  7. Really glad I read your review as I was going to buy bodyboss. I am not very disciplined when it comes to actually working out but am hoping with a step-by-step guide, I will be able to stick with it.

  8. Hi Anna K. Great to read your review. I am thinking of buying the “Bikini Workout” Can you tall me it is one time payment or it is a monthly subscription as I do not see it anywhere on page. Thanks a lot

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