Brazil Butt Lift Program

Brazilian Butt Lift Review: I Tried The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout For 4 Weeks. Here’s My Results And Opinion

The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Program sounds like a dream come true… like the ultimate guide to that perfect summer beach body.

Is this really what you get, or is this program just another scam?

I decided to try the program for four weeks… read on to learn more about my results.

AbigailHi there! I’m Abigail, just your average thirty-three-year-old from the city where everything happens… NYC.

Ten years ago, I had my first child. I never realized how much of impact childbearing could have on your waistline until I went through it myself.

I had a second child in 2010 and, just three years after that, my husband decided that we “were not working out.

Even though I really hoped for a “peaceful” divorce (I’m not sure why I thought something like that could even be remotely possible), the entire thing escalated into an entire nightmare.

Not only was I faced with a divorce, but I also had to cope with the fact that my husband, Tim, decided that he doesn’t want anything to do with me or the boys anymore.

The thought of being a single mother was devastating.

They were both too young to understand what was going on really.

After the divorce, I had to start working double shifts to make sure I can care for my family as a single mother. I let myself go.

Eventually, I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. I gained a lot of weight – all over.

I went through so many mood shifts every single day – sometimes I would snap at Jack and Ray for no reason at all.

It Was Time For Change

One day, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I didn’t know who I was looking at.

Who did I become?

What happened to that positive vibe of mine?

I desperately needed a change in my life, but where would I begin…

My weight certainly had the biggest of an impact on my life, so I decided to start with the basics – lose some weight.

Weight loss is known to boost confidence and even help with mood, so by losing weight, and I would be tackling more than one issue at the same time.

I thought that weight loss would be easy, but I was so wrong.

I didn’t have time to go to the gym, and my financial situation didn’t allow for those monthly expenses of a gym membership.

I tried out so many different workouts at home, but things still seemed so hard.

One of my best friends, Julia, decided to take me out for lunch one day.

We started talking about weight gain and weight loss – she had the perfect body.

I asked her how she did it, and she introduced me to a program called the “Brazilian Butt Workout.

Being desperate not only for weight loss but also for a change, I decided to give this program a try…

The Brazilian Butt Workout

I bought into the program and decided to give it a try. Now, I had watched A LOT of videos on YouTube before and attempted some workouts without success.

The reason I decided to buy this program was,

(1) because one of my best friends had success with it,

(2) because the author of the program seemed to know what he was talking about and

(3), by spending money, I’ll be more obliged actually to follow through on the program – I wouldn’t waste my money, now would I.

The program was a little pricey, but I decided that it would still work out cheaper than a gym membership in the long run.

I clicked the buy button and immediately gained access to the guide – I started to read through the documents and watched the videos that came with the guide.

Fitting these workouts into my daily schedule was a little hard in the beginning.

Luckily, most of these techniques were simple enough not to take up too much of my time, so I didn’t have to plan out hours every day to perform these exercises and routines.

I started to feel more confident the moment I began the program.

Okay, so I didn’t lose weight in the very first session, but I know that I was starting to make a change and that this will not only be good for me, but also for the boys.

Every day felt like it got a little easier… but, even at week four, I didn’t feel like I was going in the right direction.

I began to feel like I was never going to achieve what Julia did with this program.

What I Didn’t Like About The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

DislikeEverything seemed really great when I started with the Brazilian Butt Workout guide.

I felt more confident, and I felt like this was going to change my life in a positive way surely.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel this way for too long.

By the end of the fourth week, I looked back and noticed that I didn’t do as good as I thought I would. I barely dropped weight. I wasn’t even a pant size down.

I didn’t feel as motivated anymore since I didn’t see any impressive results.

I thought to myself that either I was doing something wrong or this program doesn’t work as good as it claims to. Even though simple, some of the workouts were a little hard to do.

The program also wasn’t cheap, so I really expected more from this.

So, I Found An Alternative…

I didn’t want to give up, though, but I sure needed something that could offer me better results.

I started digging around on Google to see if there were any alternative programs that I could try out.

This was when I came across the Bikini Body Workouts program. (Worth checking out)

A cheaper program that comes with many different exercise routines that claim to shed fat fast and build a better, sexier body.

I decided to give this one a try and see if it offered any benefits over the Brazilian Butt Workouts program.

At only $29.99 and with instant access, I quickly found myself hitting that “GET YOUR BINIKI BODY FOR 29.99” button.

The program did offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, so I really did not have anything to lose.

After payment, I immediately received an email that gave me access to the entire program.

Wow! I was really impressed with the amount of information and the various tools that came with my purchase – I could instantly see that this program offered much better value than the previous one I opted for.

Finally, A Workout Program I Can Follow That Includes EVERYTHING…

The program was designed to ensure workouts do not last more than 45 minutes per session – this is beneficial and indeed short enough to ensure I could get an early morning routine in to get me going for the day or fit a session into my lunch time.

The workouts didn’t require the expensive equipment that is found in gyms.

Instead, all I had to go out and buy was a foam roller, a box, a resistance band, and some dumbbells.

These were are very affordable.

The following were all included in my purchase:

  • A complete set of exercise and instructional videos, which I could instantly access on my web browser. I was even able to view these on my iPhone.
  • A workout guide that offered a variety of exercise routines.
  • A nutrition guide to help me know what foods to eat and what foods I should try to avoid.
  • A supplement list to help to determine the best supplements I can buy to boost my weight loss results and also become healthier.
  • A complete shopping list to help me buy the right types of food when shopping for groceries.
  • A 21-Day Booty Blast, which included a complete three-week plan for weight loss and a “beautiful booty” (this is something that most women desire – I know I did!)

UPDATE: My Results With The Bikini Body Workouts Program

By the fourth week of following the instructions provided by the Bikini Body Workout program, I saw much more of a difference than with the Brazilian Butt Workout guide.

I was actually losing weight.

As my weight was dropping, I could feel myself – my entire body – becoming healthier.

I implemented the diet recommendations offered by the program and decided to continue following through with the 21-Day Booty Blast until I reach the end.

The results just kept getting better and better.

I started getting compliments from my friends. People began to notice the difference in me.

My weight was undoubtedly one of the major parts of my life that were gaining benefits from the program, but there was much more – my skin started to look really great, I felt less tired, even when I was able to obtain enough sleep.

I had enough energy to get through the day, each day, without any problems.

My Opinion & Final Thoughts…

Today, I highly recommend the Bikini Body Workout program – even over the Brazilian Butt Workout (sorry Julia, this one just worked better for me).

The program is affordable and comes with everything you need for a smaller waistline and a healthier body. Buying the product is quick and easy.

You are also not buying a workout guide, but a complete system that will give you the tools that you need to succeed in your weight loss goals.