Emily Skye Review – NOT What I Expected

emily skye review

Don’t buy the Emily Skye FIT workout program until you read my review!

Save your money ladies…Here is why.

AliciaHi, my name is Alicia and I’m a single mom with 2 children.

After their father took off with one of my good friends about 8 months ago I’d gone through depression and really put the weight on.

I never really had trouble with my weight until after I gave birth to my first child.

But when you’re down and going through what seems to be the worst time of your life, food just seems soooo comforting.

I wanted to turn my life around and it was time to do something about all this extra weight I packed on.

This is why I turned to Google in search of a workout program so I could get back into shape.

I actually found Emily Skye on Instagram after flicking through what seemed to be website after website of all different kinds of fitness programs.

Emily is definitely in great shape and I would love to have a body just like hers. Plus she is a personal trainer from Australia and she did seem to know her stuff.

After reading through her website I thought, why not and bought the Emily Skye FIT guide bundle.

Well, I should have done my research and read some reviews first 🙁

After downloading Emily Skye’s FIT bundle I was kind of disappointed right from the get go.

You would expect a whole lot more for the price you pay and I paid a lot of money for this bundle.

But, I gave it a go and after following her guides I gave up after 6 days!!!

Big waste of money 🙁

The Emily Skye Meal Plan (Unrealistic)

Thumbs DownThe Emily Skye diet and meal plan are so hard to follow and the workouts, well they are nothing special in my opinion.

I mean, the workouts are ‘Okay’, definitely not for beginners.

But recommended groceries are sooo expensive. Week one cost me around $300 and you need an in house chef to cook the recipes.

I think this program would be good for people who are already fit and healthy, that just want a change from their existing program but as a beginner, you will struggle…

The meal plan isn’t very family friendly either, which for me is a big let down.

I want to be able to set a good example for my kids so they can learn how to eat healthily but Emily Skye’s meal plan isn’t something I recommend.

Massive let down in my honest opinion. Her FIT bundle, for me, was a big disappointment.

Emily Skye Workouts Guide

2 StarsAs I said, the workouts are kind of ok, BUT in saying that they are nothing you probably haven’t seen or done in the past.

There are 80 different exercises and Emily says the workouts can be done at home, but to be honest you’ll need to go to a gym if you want to follow most of the workouts = more $$$.

Again, feeling very disappointed. Definitely not worth the money in my opinion.

Emily Skye Alternative

After giving Emily Skye a try and failing miserably I almost gave up! But luckily a good friend recommended a workout program that was working for her.

She’d lost 14kg in 6 weeks following the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggiabikini body workouts review

Thankfully, the Bikini Body Workouts are much cheaper, a fraction of the price compared to Emily Skye workouts.

For $29.95 you get the complete 12 week bikini body workout and meal plan which has videos, shopping lists, recipes, meal plans and pdf guide that goes with the workout videos.

I’m on my second week and already seeing some good results.

meSo far I’ve toned up and lost 5kg which doesn’t sound like much but for me, that’s a huge achievement.

Have a look at all the before and after photo’s on Jen Ferruggia’s website for some inspiration.

Hopefully, I will be one of them very soon with my before and after pic. I will keep this page updated of my results as I go so wish me luck!

I know my Emily Skye review was a negative review but I don’t want to sound like I’m bagging Emily out.

I’m sure she is a lovely person but her FIT workout program just didn’t work for me.

After reading other mixed reviews online it looks like I’m not the only one 🙁

UPDATE: 6 Weeks Progress Following Bikini Body Workouts

Before and aftter

Hi again everyone.

I thought I would share my progress and thoughts with you after following the bikini body workouts for 6 weeks.

I can’t believe 6 weeks have gone by so quickly! I feel like I wrote this just the other day.

I’m almost finished the 12 week bikini body workouts and I’m sooo close to my goal weight.

I only need to lose 4 pounds and I’ve hit my goal.

I think it was week 2 when everything started to really take off.

The weight started dropping, the workouts seem to get easier and more enjoyable – I’m addicted now and the diet is so easy to follow.

From there I just kept dropping the weight…This really works and I highly recommend it to anyone.

I have more energy, feel more confident and every day I wake up, I wake up with a smile!

I will update again once I complete the 12 weeks. I’m excited!!

Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. If I can do it – ANYONE CAN!

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18 thoughts on “Emily Skye Review – NOT What I Expected”

    • Thank you Tamara. I’m sure you will, just keep at it.
      I didn’t know about the coupon code, that’s great you got to save some $$.
      I added it in my review to let others know.

  1. Hi Alicia.
    Thanks for putting this review up. There is definitely a lot of mixed reviews on Emily Skye. I’m giving the workouts your following a try and I subscribed to your email, quick question are you doing the workouts at home or the gym now? Congrats on your results by the way 🙂

    • Hi Hayley, no problem at all. I’m sure Emily is a great person, her program just didn’t suit me and there seems to be others who think the same. Good for you for taking action, following the bikini body workouts is the best thing I’ve done and I’m sure you will love it. I do a little of both now. I started at home and now I try and go to the gym but you can do either because there are workouts for each in the members area.
      Good luck hun and thanks for subscribing.

  2. I got Emily Skye’s FIT program 2 weeks ago, yes it is expensive, however I do like the workouts but the nutrition plan is terrible!!

    I’ve heard good things about Jens nutrition plan do you know if I can buy the nutrition guide on its own?


  3. Alicia can you do these bikini body workouts at home or do I need to go to the gym? I’m too far out of town to go to the gym everyday 🙁

  4. Highly disapointed with Emily Skye. Purchased the 10 minute fit blasters because it specifically says no equipment needed. Out of 14 days of workouts 10 days need equipment and 4 days dont. I repeatedly asked for a refund and Amy from info@emilyskye.com told me to just use those 4 days. Terrible customer service!

    • I know right! She obviously doesn’t care one bit about her customers – just collects the money. I’m sure she’s a nice person and all but the more I learn about Emily Skye the more bad reviews I’ve found. Did you end up getting a refund? Thanks for sharing Natasha.

  5. I purchased a year’s subscription to Emily Sky Fit, I was really happy with the price and the workouts – I like the recipes, especially that a lot of the lunches are leftovers from previous night’s dinner…win in my books!

  6. Different strokes for different folks…..I personally love Emily Skye’s programme. And it’s definitely not expensive. Workouts fine with great results and food yummy. I’ve tried many plans: Sam Wood (great but expensive), the original Bikini Body Guide (very tough exercise plan), Sharni’s plan (mainly PDF’s), Natalia Melo (very good with keeping in contact with her clients plus she does challenges that keep you motivated) but her Mother League is a tad expensive, V-Shred (too tough, menu army-rations and bland). All-in-all Emily has an affordable and well-crafted plan. I think she also addresses her clients’ problems via her social media so she puts her face to her product. (Ps. I’m definitely not getting anything endorsing her plan but I’ve tried plenty and find hers the best so far). I guess it’s what works best for you.

  7. Perhaps… it’s just you.
    You just sound bitchy, especially obvious in your replies.
    Just because it wasn’t for you, it doesn’t mean it was worthy of this kind of feedback… especially as you are clearly not a fitness guru assessing more than a couple of programs. Grow up.

  8. When she came out with her new plan I was curious if she improved her plans. She was offering a 7 day free trial so I figured I’d try the trial and see if her new plan was any better. It said cancel anytime within the 7 days and you wouldn’t be charged. You had to enter credit card information which I was concerned about. She had emailed a promo code for her new plan to save a percentage off the new plan. I signed up for the 7 day free trial and was charged a minute later for the full 6 months. I cancelled online and emailed her customer service, which by the way is horrible. They told me because I used the promo code when signing up it overrides the free trial. This isn’t mentioned anywhere on her website, the email she sent with the promo code, her terms and conditions or even when you’re signing up for the trial. The only way I found out about that was from emailing her customer service. As you said above it appears she only cares about collecting money. They refuse to offer refunds for anything. It’s really disappointing that she doesn’t seem to care at all and is cool with deceiving people. If I was her I would be ashamed.

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