Fé Fit – Life Changer Or Just A Gimmick? I Tried It To Find Out…

The Fe Fit Deluxe Kit claims to be the ultimate workout program to help women bust off extra pounds and get the body they have always dreamed about – seems to fit in perfectly with my goals.

I decided to give the program a run for its money…

Read on to learn if this program is worth spending money on, or not!

Hi! I’m Emma, and I would like to share my story with you today.

My story of how I was able to kick off that extra weight I gained after giving birth THREE times!

I know a lot of you are currently feeling the same pain I once felt (No, not the pain of going into labor, but the pain that those extra pounds cause you).

I am a positive person – have always been, in fact.

Usually when I hear the word “gain” or “increase,” I get all excited.

My salary gets increased once a year – that’s really exciting as my bank balance goes up.

My investment over at FxPro gained in value, also very exciting.

When I get on the scale and scream “I gained five pounds” – now that is not a screech of exciting, but rather disappointment and fear.

I was overweight in high school, dropped the weight and got myself the perfect body.

I later got married and had three children. Every time I gave birth, my body felt wrecked, and the scale just kept going up.

Life Gets Busy!

I gained a lot of weight – now, I’m not blaming my pregnancies directly.

Attending to a child can be quite a handful – now imaging having to attend to three children.

Don’t get me wrong… I love my children.

But, running around to make sure they are taken care of gives me little time to do the same for myself.

Let’s get back to the point I am trying to make here – gaining weight (in the form of fat) is not good.

Not only does this rip you from your confidence and make you want to run away when the boss tells you that there will be an important client coming in, but it also puts you at risk for many chronic diseases.

I experienced the adverse impact of excess weight on health myself.

I found myself being tired all the time.


Out of energy…

I initially thought that maybe I was just exhausted from motherhood, but eventually decided to pay a visit to my doctor.

My doctor told me that I was developing insulin resistance, a condition that predisposes me to diabetes.

Since diabetes ran in my family, I was automatically at a higher risk for developing the condition.

He told me that I had to lose weight, and fast.

I was devastated. I know the hazardous impact that diabetes can have on your life – a lot of my family members had suffered from this disease and still does.

It’s just a disaster – not only the symptoms but the effects that the disease has on your body.

So, my only option was to explore ways in which I could safely lose weight, but also quickly.

I was fed up with my obesity. I just could not take it anymore…

I discovered the Fe Fit brand after doing some research into programs that would coach me at home.

I couldn’t afford a gym membership when I had three children to care for.

After a total of 53 Google searches and a lot of reading, I decided that I wanted to give this particular program a try.

There were a lot of women who claimed that this program helped to lose weight after pregnancy – this is something that I could definitely relate to (the “wanting” part, not the “achievement” part, at least not yet).

The Fe Fit Deluxe Kit

I initially found it a little different to buy a product from the Fe Fit brand – not because they had a difficult buying process (which was actually quite easy, I would like to add), but rather because they had different options to choose from.

I haven’t purchased anything like this in the past, so I wasn’t really sure where to begin.

I decided to go with the option that a lot of women seemed to go with at the time – the Fe Fit Deluxe Kit.

At a price of almost $300, I thought that this option would surely offer me real results.

I waited about a week for delivery of the products and immediately started to dive into the program upon its arrival.

I started with the 28-day program (or challenge) that was included with the kit.

I placed the DVD in my DVD player and loaded it up – I watched the instructional videos and implemented the steps provided on these videos.

By day 28, the program promised a fitter, healthier and more toned body, with less fat and better muscle mass.

Unfortunately, I was not as lucky as some of the people featured on these videos. I lost some initial weight, sure, but I’m sure that was just water weight.

I didn’t feel more comfortable in my clothes, and I surely didn’t feel the benefits that one would expect from regular exercise.

Now, this could have been my fault in some ways.

Let me explain…

Why I Didn’t Really Take To This Program

I’ll come clean here and tell you the truth – I wasn’t able to follow the program 100%. I tried, though, but this program was much more complicated than I thought it would be.

The first few exercise routines that I was introduced to by the instructional videos that came with the Deluxe kit was simple to do.

They didn’t take up much of my time – perhaps half an hour max in each session.

Then, as time progressed, the exercises became much harder – and VERY repetitive.

I felt like I couldn’t keep up – perhaps the instructors didn’t really take into account that an overweight mom like me would be following these videos (I was unfit, so I couldn’t really progress so quickly).

Whenever a routine seemed too hard for me, I eventually decided to skip it and go back to the basics (You know, training routines from the first few days).

Unfortunately, on day 28, I still felt miserable and like the program didn’t deliver the results I was hoping to achieve.

To be honest, the trainers aren’t very motivating or encouraging either.

Apart from this, I also find the price of the Fé Fit to be very unpleasant – I had to pay $297.97 for the kit.

Even though it did include most of the things I needed for these exercises, it still seemed somewhat overpriced.

Time to walk away from Fe Fit…

The Alternative I Follow Now And It’s Working GREAT!

At first, I thought that giving up on my dreams of a better body after becoming a mom was a good option.

Luckily, I didn’t give up. But, instead of keeping with the protocols I was introduced to by this program, I decided to do more research.

This time, I relied on forums – real people sharing real stories.

This is where I was introduced to a program known as the Bikini Body Workout ( www.bikinibodyworkouts.com ).

bikini body gym workout routine

The Bikini Body Workout is mostly a system that is very much similar to the Fe Fit workout program .

There were, however, some particularly interesting differentiating factors that I noticed, which ultimately led me to buy the Bikini Body Workout and giving this program a try as well.

Since the program came with a money-back guarantee, I realized that I didn’t really have anything to lose, except perhaps some of my excess weight.

What was definitely the most important difference between the two programs, at least for me, is the price.

The Fé Fit Deluxe Program had a price tag that reached close to $300.

This is expensive, especially when you consider the fact that the results I achieved with the program weren’t even as good as one would come to expect, especially with a product of this price.

The complete Bikini Body Workouts program came at a price of $29.99 – now that’s more like it!

Jen’s price is much more attractive to my bank account than something that is (literally) ten times that price.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

If you’re looking for a Fe Fit coupon code or discount good luck because I tried everywhere and nothing worked!!

I tried a bunch of coupon sites but they all gave the same results “The coupon code you entered doesn’t exist. Please try again.”

BUT if you’re looking for a coupon code or discount for Bikini Body Workouts, Jen has a promo page at https://www.ilikediscounts.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon which saves you 15% off.

UPDATE: Six Months In And I Am Feeling Like A Brand New Person

I decided to give this package a good chance, and when I could actually SEE and FEEL real results in just under a month, I went full on out and made this program a part of my new life.

I’ve been following the workouts, nutritional guide and supplement guide that came with the purchase of the Bikini Body Workouts system for a total of six months now – and I couldn’t be happier that I found this guide.

It really helped me change my life for the good.

Today, I am no longer obese. I still have a few pounds to lose, but nothing too serious.

The last visit to my doctor’s office also yielded positive results.

It seems like the significant reduction in my total body weight had a positive impact on my health as well.

My blood glucose levels were normal at my last checkup, and the doctor said that it is very unlikely for me to develop diabetes now.

To really succeed, you just need to make sure you push through.

The Bikini Body Workouts comes with a complete set of instructional videos that makes it incredibly easy to follow along.

There are also a number of guides and bonuses that can be downloaded, helping the user understand why certain foods are bad for them and how they can construct the most effective diet for themselves to ensure they do not only gain the right vitamins and other nutrients but also to speed up the results they obtain from the workouts.