Fit Body Guides Review

If you’re thinking about buying Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide? Don’t! Read my review to see why…

After giving Anna Victoria’s FBG a try I noticed some interesting things that might shock you, so please read on…

Hi there! My name is Carly, and thanks for reading my Fit Body Guide review. I’m a single mom of 2 girls aged 3 and 5.

I’m also a full-time carer for my mother who suffered a massive stroke 2 years ago.

The past 2 years have been very busy and my life had turned upside down after my ex-husband left me for a younger woman – the same time my mother had her stroke mind you!

To cut a long story short, life got so busy that I was taking care of everyone else and had forgotten to take care of myself.

I packed on just over 30 pounds and was gaining weight every day at a rapid pace. If only we could lose weight as fast as we can gain it 🙁

My Fit Body Guide Review

I’m writing my Fit Body Guide review because there weren’t any real reviews when I bought it, only a blog here and there and they seemed to be promoting her guide?

Ohh how I wish there had of been a review or two, let me explain…

Before I had kids I was pretty active and never really had any problem with my weight, but when you have children everything changes.

With my first child Zoe, I really struggled to lose the baby weight and when I finally did start to see some progress I fell pregnant with Ally and put it all back on again.

When mom had her stroke I was stressed to the max and then to top it off, my ex-husband leaves me for a younger and much thinner fling!

When the depression kicked in I turned to food for comfort and for a good 12 months I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle.

I was just so busy looking after everyone else I didn’t really realize just how unhealthy I had become, I mean I knew I had put the weight on but my overall health was terrible.

Something had to be done!

I just had to do something about it and that’s when I turned to good old Google in search for the best way to lose weight.

I first stumbled upon Anna Victoria and her Fit Body Guide after reading some interesting articles about her rapidly growing Instagram account.

Her Fit Body Guide really caught my eye because it is a 12-week program and was perfect for people who have a busy schedule.

Anna definitely has a fit body and that was the kind of body I wanted so I was pretty excited to get started.

Plus we both share the same name 😉

I was very hesitant to buy Anna Victoria’s FBT because the price is like – WTF!

But I needed something and because she had a huge Instagram following I thought maybe it’s expensive because it’s really good?

Boy was I wrong..

The Real Cost Of Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide

Fit Body Guide PriceFor those who don’t know the full price of the Fit Body Guide by Anna Victoria then check this out because it is very expensive, especially after adding up all the hidden costs.

Let’s take a look at what you need to buy to follow FBT.

To save money, Anna recommends buying the Fit Body Guide Bundle which is the 12-week meal plan and the 12-week workout guide all in one.

This will cost you $79.95 saving you $20.

BUT, after the 12 weeks, you then need to buy Fit Body Guide Round 2 which is weeks 13 – 24 of both the meal plan and workout guide – ANOTHER $79.95! 

That’s $159.90 so far.

Keep reading…

On top of that, you will also need some equipment. You will need a set of dumbbells, skipping rope and a yoga mat. More money!

Sure, it’s cheaper than a 12-month gym membership but why so expensive for a digital download?

I could understand if it was a hard copy book or included a heap of videos, but these are just eBooks people!

So you could imagine how disappointed I was to find a couple of eBook style files with some generic tips and some workouts that I can find anywhere free…

Okay, enough about the price here is something else I found – after buying it I did some searching to see if anyone else was as disappointed as I was…

I found most of the people that followed the Fit Body Guide didn’t finish it which to me is a bit of a waste of money.

Most women said they stopped following the guides because they’re boring, the meal plan is too expensive to follow or it was too complicated.

I felt really bummed out..that’s a lot of money to waste if you don’t follow it through.

Other Fit Body Guide Reviews

dislike-150x150I did some further digging because when I looked for reviews before buying I only searched Google.

If only I did this before buying – probably wouldn’t have bought it, but hopefully, this helps you anyway.

I found that while Anna Victoria does have a pretty big Instagram following there are reviews about her guides but they’re buried in all the nonsense comments on her IG photos.

One review I found was from someone that was super pissed off because 2 lots of payments came out and still didn’t receive her guides??

Another said she gave up in the first 2 weeks because the meal plan was hard and confusing to follow for beginners.

And most of the others well, same story – “These workouts are nothing special – waste of money

Sorry but Anna Victoria your Fit Body Guide was a big let down for me.

It’s a shame because Anna does seem like a really nice person but why so expensive for such a generic guide??

In fact, I later found her guides are priced above other very popular workout programs.

The Fit Body Guide Alternative That Is Working For Me

Jen FerruggiaWith a bad taste in my mouth from the disappointment of the Anna Victoria workouts, I wasn’t going to give up that easily.

After sifting through what seemed to be hours worth of reading and website after website I finally found something that suited me to a tea.

It’s much cheaper, includes a lot more and gives you all the tools to get into great shape!

It’s called Bikini Body Workouts and I’ve been following it for 6 weeks now and it’s really working. (see pics below)

In my opinion, Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body program is just a far better deal.

With Anna Victoria’s FBG, you only get a pdf eBook style guide BUT with Jen’s program, you get videos, eBooks, shopping lists and so much more!

I will compare both of them so you know what I mean.

Type Bikini Body Workouts Fit Body Guides
Level 1  $29.99 $49.95
Level 2 $19.99 $49.95
Nutritional Guide FREE  $49.95
Total $49.98 $149.85

As you can see, Jen Ferruggia’s workout program is a fraction of the price and you actually get more!

What’s Included In The Bikini Body Workouts

bikini body workoutsHere is a list of what’s included in the Jen Ferruggia workout program.

  • Collection of the Bikini Body Workouts online instructional workout videos so you can follow along with at home or anywhere you wish to workout.
  • The interactive workout guide. This is a step-by-step guide that lays all the exercises, sets, reps and how long you should rest for.
  • You get the Bikini Body Workouts Nutrition guide FREE. This has to be the easiest nutrition plan I have ever followed.
  • The Bikini Body Workouts success tracker, workout sheets, and the boost your image report to help you keep track of your success.
  • Comprehensive Shopping list which helps you make the best choices when you go shopping.
  • FREE – Youthful secrets guide a special program which shows you Jen’s secret tips she uses to help her look young.
  • Plus much more… (Click Here To See Full List)

I really like how you can watch the videos on your handheld devices.

I have an iPad mini and if I feel like working out at the park, I just set it up in front of me and watch the workouts as I workout.

Compared to Anna Victories Fit Body Guide, you really do get a lot more value and at more than half the price it’s a far better deal in my opinion.

Jen really knows her stuff and teaches you how to do each exercise correctly and safely to avoid injury.

Week 6: My Results Following The Bikini Body Workouts So Far…

See all the before and after pics on Jen’s website for inspiration.

As promised, here are my results after following the Bikini Body Workout program by Jen Ferruggia.

I’m only 6 weeks in and I feel absolutely amazing! I’ve toned up and lost 19lbs 🙂

After the first week, I started feeling more energetic and noticed myself transforming.

The weight was melting off of me and this was a huge motivation boost for me and I think that’s why I kept going.

I saw the results and became addicted!

I’m not going to lie and tell you it was easy but it definitely is fun and if I can do it – ANYONE can do it!

Just goes to show that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a workout guide to get results.

Now, when my friends and family see me they always compliment me and tell me how good I look.

All of this has been great for my confidence as well and it’s helped me get back into the dating game 😉

Jen Ferruggia, if you ever read this – THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! 

I know my Fit Body Guide review may not have been full of the answers you’re after but if you want a cheaper alternative that really works give the Bikini Body workouts a try..

You won’t regret it, I promise.

Have Questions? Leave a comment below and I will get back to you…

32 thoughts on “Fit Body Guides Review”

    • Hi Kim,
      I have a sister named Kim 🙂 I’m currently doing the workouts at home, but may go to the gym soon. My local gym is 20 minutes away so I will only be going once or twice a week if I do. I sometimes go outside in my backyard and do the workout, love the fresh air and sun 🙂

      Hope this helps. Ohh and no I didn’t know about the discount. That’s good that you saved some money. I will leave the link there in case anyone else wants to use it.

      Stay motivated and good luck Kim!
      Carly xx

  1. Hi Carly! Congrats on your success, you’re looking fantastic. I’m really glad I found your site. I’m also a single mom and know how hard it is to find time to workout and after seeing your results from that program I had to get myself a copy as well and so far it’s really good. Hopefully I can get the same results as you.
    Wish me luck 🙂

    • Hey there Hayley.
      It sure does get hectic at my house lol. Thank you so much for your kind words. I didn’t even know there was a promo page 🙁 I paid full price but I don’t mind, it’s worth it.

      Carly xx

  2. There are so many mixed reviews on Anna Victoria and I agree FBG is rather expensive.

    The program you’re following looks good but I’m a little worried it might be to hard for a complete beginner like me?

    Are the workouts hard to do? I’ve never really done any exercise apart from a little sport when I was little. I need to lose at least 45lbs.


    • Hi Karen,

      My opinion, FBG is waaaay over priced.

      As for the bikini body workouts, they are perfect for beginners because Jen shows you step by step how to do each workout correctly which will also help you prevent injury. I’m still a beginner in my eyes but I am learning something new about my body everyday and what Jen teaches you throughout her program really makes it easy. I’ve never felt this good for a long time!

      Kim mentioned in a comment above that you can get a coupon for bikini body workouts at if you want to save some $$$.

      Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply I’ve been super busy.
      Good luck!
      Carly xx

  3. Hi Carly. How many days per week are you working out? I’m already kind of fit, I just want to tone up and build some muscle. Is the bikini workout any good for someone like me who just wants to tone up?


    • Hi Leah.

      Thanks for visiting my page. To answer your question, yes Jen’s workouts would definitely be suitable for toning up and I’m already starting to tone up myself.
      If you’re already fit, I’m sure they will still give you a good workout. Maybe, you can increase the intensity a little if you find them to easy?

      ohh and I’m currently working out 4 times per week but might cut back to 3 once I lose another 7 pounds.
      Hope that helps.
      Carly xx

    • Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. There are cheaper alternatives like bikini body workouts. It’s working for me, so it will work for anyone.

      • I just paid for it using the coupon Kim recommended (Thanks Kim 🙂 )
        Had a quick look in the members area, it’s really good! I’m confident I can follow this program. #Excited
        Thanks Carly 🙂

  4. Thank you Carly for your review. My girlfriend was looking at Anna Victoria’s FBG and I want to get it for her but you have opened up my mind to other options. How long are the workouts? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Jalen.
      The bikini body workouts are mostly 30 minutes long, well that’s how long it takes me to do them start to finish. I’ve also been going on a walk of a morning now which is a great way to warm up and start the day. Hope that helps 🙂
      Carly xx

    • Hi Steph,

      For her home workouts you will need some basic equipment like a set of dumbbells but that’s really all you need.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  5. I got Anna Victoria’s fit body guide 2 days ago and already regret buying it. The workouts are nothing new and it’s actually really basic to be honest. I didn’t buy the meal plan so can’t really say anything about that but FBG workouts is a disappointment.

    • Sorry to hear Peggy. Maybe try for a refund?
      I didn’t get one but if you contact Anna or her support, hopefully she gives you one.
      Good luck hun and don’t give up.

  6. I downloaded Fit Body Guide about a month ago and it was very basic, especially for what you pay, so I do agree with you. I have been following it and it’s time to look for something more challenging which is how I found your review. Compared to Anna Victoria’s is this alternative by Jen Ferruggia more intense and do you just repeat the program once you’ve completed the 12 weeks?

    • Thanks for your comment Keely.
      Jen’s workouts are amazing, love the burn! That’s what I am going to do, just repeat and that’s what she suggests doing but increasing the intensity the second time round. She also has a advanced guide now which I might also get too.
      Hope that helps 🙂

  7. I bought FBG today, haven’t received anything yet which is a little worrying 🙁 when you bought it did it take a while to come through?
    Starting to wish I found your review earlier. TIA

    • Hi Ellie.
      I got Fit Body Guide straight away, hopefully you get it soon. I have heard other people not receiving their download a lot lately. Best to contact Anna’s support page and find out what is going on. Hope they respond, I got nothing for days. Let us know how it goes, fingers crossed for you but if you don’t get it would love if you could warn others as well. Thanks.

  8. Hi! Happy to find your review, was very close to purchasing FBG. How is the bikini workout meal plan? Love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

    • Hi Leah.
      It’s actually really good. Changed the way I prep meals and I’m eating food I actually enjoy so definitely well worth it.

  9. Hi!! Happy to found this review. Was getting lured into buying fbg with free first month and then 12 dollar per month. The bikini workout meal plan does it have vegetarian options? Fit girls is another programe I bought few year ago when it just launched but there vegetarian meal plans were boring and I wasn’t able to keep with meal plan. So hoping this programe has good vegetarian meal plans.

  10. Hi there,

    I stumbled upon this review after looking for a review of Anna Victoria’s FBG 2.1 guides. I have to say I’m a bit shocked that you think $49.99 is expensive for a 12 week program that is so obviously professionally done. I am in no affiliation of Anna Victoria – but I just wanted to say that I love all her programs and I’m a CPT. Far from boring, her ebooks are over 200+ pages with loads of information, descriptive workouts and a comprehensive plan. And of course you need to invest in dumbbells etc if you’re going to do an at-home program, I think that’s common sense. Also, if you buy the meal plan – you don’t need to buy it twice unless you want the vegetarian plan.

    All of this to say, I respect your opinion of course, but for those who are contemplating Anna Victoria’s guides – do some more research and see if it’s right for you before deciding.

    • Thanks for your comment and opinion.
      For the Workout and Meal plan in a bundle its $79 which in my opinion is still expensive especially when you compare it to others. That’s why I like Jens guide because you get it all for $29 + videos (even cheaper if you get a coupon ) .

      Don’t get me wrong, I respect Anna and love her free content but for me it just wasn’t worth it. Thanks for dropping in.

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