How to Get Rid Of Saddlebags and Cellulite FAST

If you want to get rid of that unwanted cellulite and say goodbye to saddlebags then I highly suggest reading this entire article.

You’ll be glad you did..

AbbyHi there! My name is Abby and hopefully this is going to help someone who was just like me a few months ago.

Gaining weight is not only a problem in itself, but it brings along a bunch of other issues.

The most unflattering of them include double chins, cellulite, large tummies, saddlebags, bingo wings and many more.

While they may not necessarily affect one’s physical health, these unflattering aspects make a person self-conscious and challenge your self-esteem.

It’s easy to fall into a cloud of defeat and dress around these problems and try to hide as much as possible.

Let’s look at some ways you can beat saddlebags and cellulite to better your confidence.

The first time I noticed I had saddlebags; I didn’t know what to make of them.

At first, you think the extra fat deposits on your thighs will make you look curvier until you realize they aren’t flattering in the least.

Then came the cellulite, you can’t possibly mistake them for anything else.

To be honest, they’d been around for a while; I tried to ignore them.

For a mother who had just had their third kid, you’d expect I’d be more aware of the added weight that comes with adding weight.

I was self-conscious about my appearance, but it didn’t hit home until I got served.

I became a cliché; my husband left me for a younger skinnier bronzed out woman.

He threw it in my face that I was fat and unattractive, right in front of my kids.

Wake up calls don’t get any worse for a mother.

My kids were the three people in the world who thought I was perfect.

I couldn’t risk losing that, I didn’t know how it got so wrong, but I was going to do something to fix it.

What are saddlebag and Cellulite?

Saddlebags are areas of fat accumulation on the sides of your thighs.

When the muscles on your legs are underdeveloped, fat accumulates at the spot making your skin fall outwards to the side. It causes the appearance of saddlebags.

They take a sharp angle as opposed to the curvy shapes the thighs and hips take.

A lot of women have the outer thigh fat, and it doesn’t necessarily cause a problem unless the woman finds it unflattering.

It may be caused by when your buttocks rest on your thigh; creating a crease between their juncture.

It pushes the fat that would lean on that part outwards, altering the pattern of fat deposits on your thighs, spreading even higher up.

Cellulite is a condition where the skin has a dimpled lumpy appearance.

The lumpiness is caused by fat deposits that push and distorts the connective tissues beneath the surface.

They mostly appear on the upper arm, belly, buttocks, thighs, and hips. It gives the skin an orange tint appearance.

It’s considered a cosmetic problem and is mostly self-diagnosed based on its appearance.

When it’s mild it’s not quickly apparent unless you pinch the skin.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Saddlebags – Eliminate Saddlebags Fast

cellulite before after

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I discovered that dealing with saddlebags needs a three-point procedure; working out, working on your diet and maintain the routine.

The working out will start the process by strengthening the muscles around the thighs.

Healthy eating will ensure you take just the right amount of calories.

Maintaining the routine will keep you in great shape and make sure saddlebags are a thing of the past.

Let’s look at these point procedures in more detail.

  • The Diet

Saddlebags are just excess fats that chose an unfortunate spot to settle.

Our eating habits pretty much determine how much extra fat we’re consuming.

Cutting calories from your diet should be the first step.

That mostly involves letting go of the junk food; which is just full of empty calories that settle as fat in your body.

  • Eating healthy carbs

CarbsYour body needs healthy carbs, but you might not be necessarily taking those. White or processed carbs tend to get stored as fat in your body.

Consuming rice, white bread, and pastries tend to increase your weight.

What you should have instead are whole complex carbs that have a lot of fiber. They are not only full of good carbs but also keep you feeling full throughout the day.

Get carbs that are brown like brown rice, oats, whole wheat pasta, quinoa; the rule of thumb is, browner the carbs, the better.

  • Eating healthy fats and vegetables

VegetablesThere are good fats one can eat and not harm their body. These include avocados, nuts, olives, and mackerel.

Mixing this with vegetables creates a balance since they are low in calories.

Eat as many varieties of fruits and vegetables as you can; the more colorful your plate is, the better.

Having a diet that includes these healthy fats in moderation can lower your cholesterol levels.

Include green leafy vegetables and all varieties of fruits and nuts which come packed with antioxidants.

  • Stay away from processed foods

junk foodJunk food and processed foods are full of empty calories, bad fats, and minimal nutrients.

Anything sweet or salty that is packed or fried should be the last thing found in your kitchen.

It might prove quite hard entirely giving up these foods so only have small treats once in a while.

Try as much as possible to fix your nutritious meals. It will cut calories from your diet, and you’ll be able to know how much you’re consuming.

Get your nutrients from lean protein, low fat and nonfat dairy, vegetables, and fruits.

  • Protein and water

drinking protein and water

A high protein diet helps you to burn more calories and fats making it easier for the body to get rid of saddlebags.

Go for skinless turkey and chicken breasts as well as low-fat dairy products to get high protein.

Try staying away from red meat as much as possible because it’s eventually not good for your health in the long run.

Increasing your water intake helps in losing weight. It’s essential for your organs and skin and helps your body run smoothly.

Ensure you have enough water in your diet by having a bottle of water with you throughout the day.

Just remember to keep on drinking.

You can even replace all your sugary drinks like soda and lemonade with water infused with fresh fruit of your choice.

You should have three meals a day, with small healthy snacks in between.

Avoid the processed foods or junk as snacks and try not to skip meals. You’ll find yourself fuller throughout the day, reducing the cravings for junk food.

The Workout – Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Cellulite and Saddlebags

There are four workouts that you can do that’ll eliminate both the saddlebags and cellulite fast.

  • Fire Hydrants:

Get on your hands and knees into a tabletop position. Shoulders should be stacked above the wrists while the hips above the knees.

Engage your core and flex your feet. Lift one leg out to the side until the inner thigh is parallel to the ground.

Pause for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

You can do one set of 15 on each side.

  • Side Lunges:

Stand with feet hip-distance apart with arms out in front of you.

Step to one side while bending the knee to squatting position.

Make sure that you engage your core and hat the spine is straight.

Repeat the same on the other leg. Do three sets of 10 on each side.

  • Glute squeeze:

Lie on the floor with your knees bent. Your feet should be beneath the hip and knee width apart.

With your hips leveled and abs tightened, lift your hips up by pressing on your heels and squeezing your glutes.

When you’re in position, your back should form a 45-degree angle from the floor.

For two counts, lower your hips about halfway to the floor and then press back up.

To make it extra, you can rock your hips- on the glute squeeze position, squeeze your left buttock and lift the left hip.

Do the same on the other side and do two sets of 10 on each side.

  • Squats:

Stand with feet at shoulder width, toes slightly pointing out.

Stretch arms out; maintain a straight back by keeping your head up as you exercise.

Once in position, bend your knees and hips. The angle between the calf and upper leg should be a little less than 90 degrees.

Use your quads to push you back to the starting position.

Do three sets of 10.

Maintaining the routine and keeping it off!

The thing about getting rid of cellulite and saddlebags is that you have to be consistent.

Don’t expect to do this for a month only and see the results you desire.

I know that exercise is not everyone’s favorite thing, but it’s a good habit to maintain.

Apart from giving you the butt, hips, and thighs that your friends, and your ex-husband’s new catch, will envy, you’ll have more energy to conquer life.

You’ll notice that your confidence is slowly, but surely, coming back, and soon, like me, going on a date won’t seem like an odious task.

Maintaining your diet and workouts are what separate those who want to be saddlebag and cellulite free and those who don’t.

I knew that I had hit my target when I got complimented by a man in his mid to late twenties.

It seems a bit much, but after watching me run after my kids in short shorts by a hotel pool where I’d taken them for lunch with some friends (they can be a handful sometimes), he asked if I was babysitting for one of my friends.

They say that confidence comes from within, but that gave me the boost I needed to keep to my routine.

The Truth About Cellulite

My journey to being cellulite free has not been without its low moments.

I have honestly spent quite a bit of money on products that don’t work. I started with brushing and even bought creams that did nothing but notably make the situation worse.

However, my search one day led me to The Truth about Cellulite.

truth about celullite

If you’re skeptical, don’t worry; so was I.

What I liked about this product is that it helps you get to the heart of the problem.

There are different reasons why we get cellulite- you’ve seen smaller women with them as well.

What happens when you skin-brush, go for anti-cellulite treatments or medical spa services, you’re just treating the symptoms and not the problem.

Most of all, some exercises make dimples and bumps more pronounced.

If you’ve tried it all, and nothing seems to work, then you should give this a shot.

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checklistHere, you get the one proven way to get rid of cellulite using skin muscle toning moves.

It shows you how a popular gadget can’t remove these bothersome dimples- actually none can.

As per what I’d mentioned, it shows you what five exercises you should stop doing because they are not only dangerous but make the problem worse.

The thing I appreciated about The Truth about Cellulite is that it tells you what anti-cellulite products to be skeptical about.

I was surprised to see that some of the items I had been using were on the list. I bet you didn’t know this, but there are three types of lower-body cellulite.

It also shows you four targeted moves for those skinny thighs that you’ve wanted for a while.

Have a read of the Truth about Cellulite here and see what you think, it’s definitely got some good points and makes a lot of sense.

Cellulite Creams – Do They Work?

Fact: More than 70% of women have cellulite, according to a study by Neutrogena.

Take heart; you are not alone in the fight.

Now that you know this, lets’ talk about cellulite creams.

Most products state that retinol, caffeine and antioxidant DMAE as being the unique ingredients behind the reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

However, doctor claim that there is no scientific evidence that these creams work as per how they’ve been advertised.

Some even go as far as to say that what women need to do is accept the appearance instead of believing in ads.

And they are not wrong- well, at least not entirely. The truth is that, alone, cellulite creams don’t work.

However, paired with a proper diet and exercise, you’ll see some results.

Best Cellulite Creams on the Market

There are two cellulite creams on the market that work and I’ve personally had amazing results so far; they are Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream and Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Cream.

Body Merry Cellulite Gel-Cream

cellulite cream
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This product is based on a blend of natural ingredients: cayenne, seaweed, and MSM & Organic Aloe.

This formula penetrates deep into the skin to help stimulate your circulatory system to smoothen out the problematic fat tissue.

The menthol in the gel-cream gives the skin a tingling and refreshing sensation while relaxing and reducing the prominence of cellulite.

The organic coconut oil and cocoa butter also make the skin smooth, soft and firm.

Though powerful, it works as a gentle cellulite remover that tightens your skin.

For the few seconds that you rub it on your problem areas, you achieve a smooth and effortless collection.

Body Merry has combined the benefits of cream and gel to form a thick consistency that allows it to spread as quickly as oil.

An application can be made using a brush, massager, a mitt or wrap.

The product is not tested on animals. Body Merry Cellulite gel-cream also works on any skin type and hair color.

The brand believes firmly that their cream works; every purchase comes with a 90-Day Money-back Guarantee.

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Majestic Pure Anti-Cellulite Hot Cream

cellulite creams
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This product contains 87% organic products.

It serves two purposes. As an anti-cellulite cream, the grapefruit, juniper, and rosemary are all ingredients known for their ability to tighten the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The hot cream leaves a warming sensation on the surface.

It can also be used to relax and soothe tense and tired muscles after a long day at the office or after a workout.

The peppermint and pine in the formula naturally reduce inflammation and alleviates soreness.

Chamomile and eucalyptus serve to provide muscle relief.

The soothing aroma of the essential oils makes it a fantastic massage cream to have.

The brand does not test its products on animals.

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Abby flexing muscleIf you currently have saddlebags and cellulite and have read through this article, it can begin to feel like it’s too much effort for an issue you can ‘accept and live with.’

However, don’t throw in the towel before you start. Every journey begins with a single step.

Start small; don’t go throw out all the junk food from your fridge and pantry.

What you can do is instead add healthy snacks to your next shopping list when they run out.

With exercises, do the suggested activities to the limit you can- try and increase the sets by ten every week.

Pair this with anti-cellulite products, and like me, your once dented confidence will return in full swing.

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