Jennifer Hudson Loses 80 Pounds And Keeps It Off – Here’s How She Is Doing It!

Eyes are always on celebrities – and today we are looking at Jennifer Hudson, who first became famous thanks to the popular American Idol television show in 2004.

What we are focusing on here is not her career, however.

Almost eight years ago, Jennifer went through one massive weight loss transformation , losing 80 pounds!

What’s more, she’s been able to keep that weight off for all these years – WOW!

Today, we take a look at how she did it – and how she is still doing it after almost eight years.

Jennifer’s Rise To Stardom

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Back in 2004, Jennifer Hudson became a famous face after she was part of the finalist on the American Idol singing competition.

She put on a truly breath-taking performance, and soon everyone was talking about her voice, even though she did not place first in the competition.

Since her rise to stardom in 2004, Jennifer has shown her face in movies due to her interest in stepping into the world of acting.

In 2006, she starred in the movie Dreamgirls.

What made her even more famous was her role in the popular movie Sex and the City.

Jennifer also starred as an actress in Black Nativity and The Secret Life of Bees.

She further made a name for herself after being invited to be a judge on The Voice UK.

Jennifer’s Massive Weight Loss Transformation

The star’s fame is not all that people think of when they see her in a movie today or when they watch her perform.

Jennifer has inspired millions of women around the world after she underwent a massive body transformation less than eight years ago.

Jennifer started to experience issues with her weight loss when she was a teenager.

At the age of 19, she was a size 16.

Even though she placed as a finalist in American Idol, she knew that her weight was one big obstacle for her – not only did her weight cause her to face risks in regards to her personal wellbeing, but it also interfered with her ability to achieve her dreams.

In one interview, CelebsNow reports that a musical director told Jennifer that everything about her was simply “too big.”

Ouch! That’s a Bit Harsh!!

The musical director referred to her size, voice, and her personality – and Jennifer knew that her size was one of the biggest obstacles here.

During her 20s, Jennifer continuously followed diet-after-diet, trying to lose all of that excess weight.

Unfortunately, she didn’t achieve the results that she wanted to achieve. When she lost some weight, it quickly came crawling back.

In 2009, Jennifer and David Otunga, her partner, had their first child, who was named David Jr.

After she gave birth, Jennifer decided that it is time for her to change her entire life.

Simply following fad diets all the time, which did not offer her real results, was not the way out of the challenges that obesity has caused her to face.

No, she had to change her entire lifestyle in order to overcome this obstacle and, of course, achieve a weight that would stop interfering with both her career and her health.

David Jr was the real inspiration behind her decision to make a dramatic change in her lifestyle, she reported.

Jennifer explained that her son deserved a mother who would be able to look after him without becoming tired too quickly. She had to be a role model for her newborn son.

How Did She Do It?

Jennifer lost 80 pounds between 2009 and 2012.

She went from a size 16 to a size six….

How did she do it, you ask?

Well, it all started with her joining up with the popular Weight Watchers program.

Weight Watchers have become quite a popular coaching program for people who are looking to lose weight.

Jennifer decided that following diets on her own did not work the way she wanted it to work, which is why she then decided to turn to this coaching program to get the help she needed in order to lose weight.

Jennifer dedicated time and effort to ensure that she can follow what Weight Watchers taught her.

With the program, she was advised to follow a stricter diet and adopt healthier habits in regards to how she ate, how much she ate, and, of course, what she added to her plate during meals.

In addition to starting a whole new diet that was meant to become part of her life, Jennifer also started to become more active.

She explains that the physical activities that she started to participate in play just as important a role in her journey to losing that 80 pounds as the dieting did.

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Jennifer Is Still Maintaining That New Body

In 2012, Jennifer reported fitting into a size 6 – this was one massive goal that the star reached, and she looked really great.

After posting her results on social media, fans from all over the world told her just how proud they were in her.

At the same time, Jennifer’s story became an inspiration to millions of people – who were also struggling to lose weight.

Jennifer shared with the people how she was able to do what she did – drop 80 pounds, and take control of her own life.

We’ve seen many celebrities go through such transformations, only to gain back the weight and wreck the results they achieved.

This, however, was not the case with Jennifer.

Even now, in 2018, we see Jennifer is still looking as good as she did in 2012 when she reported that she dropped down to a size six.

In fact, some people had claimed that she looked better than ever before when she made an appearance on The Voice UK in 2017.

How does she maintain her weight loss?

According to Jennifer, it is all about her diet. She explains that she doesn’t always have the time to exercise.

This can be really challenging, but she still tries to be as active as she possibly can – physical activity is an important factor not only in weight loss but also in weight maintenance.

To overcome the challenges of not being able to work out a lot, and to help her avoid gaining back all that weight, Jennifer is watching her diet closely.

She explains that she completely avoids any foods that would be considered bad or fattening.

In one interview, she said she would toss a pancake across the room if she has to – as long as it gets out of her way so that she cannot be tempted by it.

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Jennifer also explained that she always starts her day with breakfast.

Some yogurt and fruit is often the way she goes, but she is also keen on a scramble made from egg whites, and sometimes she enjoys a breakfast burrito.

Jennifer has admitted to the fact that she sometimes caves for chocolate, but she still controls her diet in such a way that those indulges do not cause her to gain weight afterward.

When it comes to snacks, Jennifer tries to stick to light and healthy options, instead of running out to a local bakery to pick up a box of doughnuts.

Jennifer enjoys apples, some peanut butter, low-fat tortilla chips, popcorn, celery sticks, and sometimes she would treat herself with a single chocolate square if she feels like it and, of course, if she’s been doing good with her weight.

Final Words on Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss Transformation…

After winning the American Idol competition, Jennifer soon realized that her weight would be an issue for her if she wanted to build a professional career.

Diet after diet, Jennifer continued to fail losing that excess weight that she had gained after she finally decided that she needed a new lifestyle once her baby boy was born.

After joining Weight Watchers and following the right type of exercise plan, Jennifer was able to lose 80 pounds, and now, almost one decade after, Jennifer is maintaining her new body and looking better than ever.

Listen to her voice…

What an inspirational woman!

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