Katy Hearn Fit Review

Thinking about buying the Katy Hearn Fit summer challenge?

Read my review before you buy anything!

Here’s my thoughts and opinions of her FIT program and the alternative that’s working for me.

Hi there! My name is Abby and thanks for reading my Katy Hearn review.

Being a single mom of 2 girls and absolutely NO support from their father has been one big challenge that’s for sure.

That cheating bastard left us for his little office fling that I recently found out had been doing for a little over a year.

Our break up was brutal and I went through a hard time trying to get over it, still not over it to be honest but I’ve also had to be strong for the girls because they’re still too young to understand what’s happening.

I feel so sorry for them but I guess he is the one that’s missing out because he hasn’t even contacted us to talk to or see them 🙁

After finding out what had been going on I went through what you could call a bit of a secret state of depression.

I was trying so hard to be strong but I turned to food for comfort and packed on a lot of weight.

Life was just so busy and the take out was the easiest option.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I was getting fatter by the day and if I didn’t do something soon I knew it would be way too hard to get it all off!

That’s when I started searching for ways to get back into shape and that’s when I came across Katy Hearn’s workouts.

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What Is The Katy Hearn Summer Challenge?

If you don’t already know Katy Hearn she has a fitness program called the Katy Hearn Challenge and it’s an 8 week fitness challenge for those looking to get back into shape, tone up and start eating healthy

She also has a Build A Boot program but I didn’t buy it – thankfully (you’ll see why soon).

I actually came across this challenge on Instagram. Katy has over 1 million followers and does have an amazing body.

I followed her and tried to find reviews or some kind of feedback about her program but couldn’t find anything!

That’s why I thought I would write this review to help others so they know if they should buy or not.

So, What’s In Katy Hearn’s Challenge?

katy hearn gym workout

After sifting through website after website looking for something, I decided to buy it..

Ohh and I  tried her promo code and no matter what I tried it wouldn’t work which was a bit annoying.

This is what was included in her program:

  • An 8 week plan of body weight training, cardio & plyometrics.
  • A Nutrition Guide.
  • Hashtags for viewing the exercises.
  • Access to the group (Which wasn’t very active in my opinion.)
  • Information on which exercises target what muscle group.

This might all sound like you’re getting a lot but to be honest, I was really disappointed 🙁

I wanted to be a KH fit girl like those in the before and after pics but after reading through her guides I found it was just really boring..

Trust me, I think you’d agree with me if you seen what was in it because it’s nothing fancy that’s for sure!

It lacked good images and there’s NO videos to watch and follow which for someone like me who’s a visual learner was a big let down.

The nutrition guide wasn’t much better either, I did learn a few things about Macros but it was really dull and just didn’t really make that much sense.

The Real Cost and Why I Don’t Recommend It…

All the Katy Hearn workouts are priced at $100 but you need to know the real cost because you do have to fork out some extra money for things like a gym or all the gym equipment needed to do each exercise.

This can end up costing a LOT of money.

I don’t know about your local gym and the cost of a membership but it’s $400 per year where I live and then you have the food she recommends in the Nutrition guide which is WAAAY expensive!!

I did give it a go and I’m not complaining about the gym membership I really wanted that anyway but as for paying $100 for Katy Hearn’s workouts was a really big disappointment.

That wasn’t going to stop me from getting back into shape though..

I was determined to get my bikini body back so I could feel more confident AND show my ex what he was missing out on lol.

The Katy Hearn Alternative – Cheaper and Has More!

So, I was pretty upset knowing I wasted a $100 and I’m not the type that goes for a refund but I did know I had to find something else because I’m the type of person who needs guidance and motivation.

Now, I’m NOT saying Katy Hearn is a bad person or scammed me..

No, nothing like that..Her workouts in my opinion just aren’t worth the money.

I will however say that if I didn’t find her on Instagram I probably wouldn’t have found the alternative I’m following now called the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

Strangely enough I found Jen’s workout program on Reddit.

There where a bunch of people talking about how good these workouts are and how the booty program was helping them get a fuller more rounder butt.

I had to check it out for myself and thankfully I did! (Will share my results so far below)

Here’s the best part it’s a fraction of the price of Katy Hearn’s guides but you get a lot more – it only cost $29.99 🙂

And here’s the thing…You get videos showing you each workout, nutrition guide, recipes, the 21 day booty blast, shopping list (a lot more flexible than Katy’s), a guide showing which supplements to take and which to avoid + the main guide itself which is a lot better than Katy’s.

^ That is all included for $29.99, I just wish I found it first.

Picture of bikini body workouts
Image via https://bestworkoutguides.com/bikini-body-workouts-website

My Results – Week 4! (Updated)

I’m only 4 weeks into the Bikini Body Workouts and I’m seeing some big improvements already.So far I’ve noticed my butt is starting to lift and I’m becoming more toned and full.

One thing I didn’t expect – my cellulite on my butt and thighs is disappearing!!! Very happy about that 😀

I am so much more energetic which is really helping me keep up with the kids and everything else that life is throwing at me.

I’ve lost 14 lbs but I feel strong and feel so much more confident looking in the mirror.

Overall I just feel so much more happier and I starting to enjoy life again!

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I will try and update my before and after shots every week or every second week.

Check out the before and after pics on Jens website for motivation – www.getbikinibodyworkouts.com

I can’t wait until I bump into my ex because I know he will flip when he sees me, haha!

(Update: Check the comments below, Kirra said you can get it cheaper if you get a coupon @ https://bestworkoutguides.com/bikini-body-workouts-website/coupons
Thanks Kirra 🙂 

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4 thoughts on “Katy Hearn Fit Review”

  1. Hi there Abby.
    Sorry to hear about your break up that must have been terrible. I feel sorry for your children and your story kind of hit home for me because my father wasn’t in the picture. I haven’t seen him for 9 years. It was very hard going through school and I recently got married and he wouldn’t even turn up to my wedding to give me away so I hope your ex can come to his senses and spend time with the girls.

    Glad you shared your opinion and feedback because I was thinking about buying this workout challenge. I will definitely check out the alternative you mention, it does look like a good deal. For the at home workouts do you know if I need much equipment? Thanks in advance and hope you’re doing well.
    Emily xx

    • Hi Emily. Yes the kids are the ones who it hurts the most, I just wish he would lift his game a little more and spend quality time with them. For the at home workouts you just need some dumbbells really. Resistance bands will be good for this as well.
      Good luck!

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