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My Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

My name is Jessica, and I’m 35. My story starts 2 years ago when my boyfriend of 3 years, Brian, broke up with me.

He was a wonderful man who ended up getting chosen to lead a new department in his company in their Houston office.

We live in Pennsylvania. I have a ten-year-old daughter, Jenny, who is my shining star and my whole world.

I want to always be there for my little princess and this means being my healthiest.

After Brian had gotten on the plane and left Jenny and me for good, I went home and simply cried myself to sleep.

I also ate an entire box of snack cakes that day, and the shame just killed me. But, the sweet chocolate taste just made me so happy for those few moments.

I began to rely on food for happiness, as food and Jenny were the only things that could make me smile.

Ordering out became a way of life for me, especially at work. I am a broadcast engineer at a radio station, so being busy is just the name of the game.

I simply do not have time as a mother and worker to plan each meal.

One day I was getting ready for Jenny’s 10th birthday party and it was a royalty party.

Boys and girls were encouraged to dress like princes and princesses.

As host, I planned to wear an old bridesmaid dress and tiara from my sister’s wedding the previous year. I attempted to put on the dress and even called in Jenny for help.

The zipper simply would not budge! I threw on leggings and a sweater and got Jenny to her party. The children arrived, and parents seemed to glance at me a bit longer than normal. Had I really changed that much?

As the kids ate pizza and talked, I paged through old photos on my phone. I came upon one of Brian, Jenny and myself at the carnival last year.

The woman in the photo smiling back was an average sized woman, who maybe looked like she cycled or did yoga for fun, not out of necessity. I was not that woman.

My belly had a serious pooch. My arms were flabby. My face was so puffy with bloat!

The next day, I knew I had to make a change.

Turning the Tide- Lean Belly Breakthrough

At work, I opted for a black coffee instead of my usual light and sweet concoction.

It was bitter, but a good wake up for myself.

As I booted up my work PC, I checked my Facebook. An old high school friend, Tanisha, was bragging about her weight loss.

Tanisha was a mom of 3 and used to be a cheerleader and runner in high school.

Tanisha was a skinny little thing in high school but had certainly become larger after motherhood and life changes. She is a beautiful woman with smooth skin and neat hair braids.

Here she was in a bikini with her three boys!

A photo of Tanisha in leggings and an oversized tee shirt flanked the bikini picture.

How had she done it?

Quickly, I messaged Tanisha. By the grace of God, she responded in 5 minutes, with three words and a smiley emoji. “Lean Belly Breakthrough!” 🙂

A message followed telling me she would fill me in and get me started.

She began by telling me that the creator of the program, Bruce Krahn, is a personal trainer and has even helped some stars look their best.

She explained that it was a $37 program that was digital, so I got instant access.

Plus, being digital meant no books or guides to lug around, just my tablet.

Tanisha advised me that you simply ate normal, healthful foods that you can get at the grocery store, not those weird fancy foods you see celebrities eating (green smoothies? No thanks).

She said that special tracking sheets were used to keep an eye on your progress.

As an engineer, I am methodical and enjoy numbers, lists, and organization, so I was getting more excited by the minute.

So, I bought the program!

Over my lunch break, I began to pore over the material.

What made me really happy was the 2-minute exercise ritual. I knew there had to be a secret Tanisha was keeping up her sleeve!

With three young rambunctious kids, there was no way she had time for the gym. Her husband was a pilot and she was a secretary, so they were busy.

Yet she looked so good, I knew it had to work so long as I put my mind to it.

Here’s What You Get

Aside from the belly fat melting rituals that are so easy to work into your day, you also get an emergency fat loss guide, a diabetes and heart disease reversing recipe book, a list of herbs, spices, and minerals to help clean the arteries, a libido-boosting list of foods and a heart attack prevention method.

Watch this video from start to finish, it will really open your eyes! (opens in a new tab)

I especially liked the last part because I had seen my doctor for the yearly work physical we have to do.

He was not so happy with my weight or blood pressure and advised me that I was overweight, crossing into obese if I was not careful.

He warned me that Type II diabetes could be in my future too, a consequence of a higher BMI.

He prescribed me some drugs to help lower my blood pressure, which I do not care for.

As the creator of Lean Belly Breakthrough program says, doctors are trained to do that.

I had been so angered at his words and actions I ate a large order of fries out of spite.

Now I know he was just doing his job, based on the excellent information provided in the guides.

You also get various instruction videos and a metabolism boosting meal plan.

The meals are DELICIOUS, by the way. Good, wholesome vegetables, grains and proteins are the name of the game.

Plus, I also got a list of desserts that are low sugar.

As with any program, you will have your ups and downs. I still craved the foods I had come to love during my low time.

Jenny asked me on occasion for sweets while we shopped and while I occasionally indulged her, it took lots of discipline for me to avoid the treats as she crunched away on her cookies.

Sometimes, she would ask for fast food on Fridays, as we had come to do it as a payday treat.

But, I knew my body really wanted the wholesome foods flavored with the carefully chosen spices of the program.

Also, I do not mind the digital format of the program, but sometimes my tablet would just die or be on low power (or Jenny took it to play games).

I sometimes just crave a physical book to hold and write on with notes, but again, for what I am getting, it is easy to overlook.

Time To Get Serious…

The first week of my program was a great start.

After I ate a healthy breakfast after waking (and having some coffee :)) I did my 2-minute exercise.

The ritual is gentle and easy to accomplish, especially after waking up early. With such a short routine, I easily packed myself a healthful salad with olive oil and made Jenny her lunch, too.

And I felt so satisfied when I ate!

You may think I was eating like a bird, but the truth is I ate plenty of good foods during that first week and in the weeks that followed.

Don’t think it was a walk in the park, though. It was hard to resist the cake for a coworker’s party.

But I did it, and you can too. And am I glad or what…I lost 5 lbs. my first week.

I felt like I was flying, I was so happy.

This was the first week of my new life and I was doing so well.

When Tanisha introduced me to the program, I noticed on the site that accelerated weight loss was part of the program and that if you lost too much weight quickly to consult your doctor.

I cannot say I noticed this happening to me, but I stayed true to the program and simply did what they asked. And the pounds really did come off! I had 33 lbs. to lose.

After a month I had lost 10 lbs., and I felt great.

The momentum kept me going on my journey, and I ended up losing 35 pounds over the next few months. ( thanks to this amazing program )

Of my own accord, I began to do extra workouts alongside the 60-second exercise ritual.

I would walk on my lunch breaks outside after my meals, or ride bikes for fun with Jenny.

Sometimes she and I would go walking, or to our local high school for open swim. (Yes, I wore a swimsuit and no tee shirt over the suit!)

Through the confidence the program gave me in weight loss, I felt like I was coming to life again.

I am back to my old self again, and I just feel wonderful.

Where Am I Now?

After I lost my 35 pounds, I stayed on my kick and I still follow the fundamentals of the program.

Perhaps, the second-best part of my new life after improved health is the confidence I feel.

I definitely walk with my head high, and it rubs off. Andy is new in my life, but he represents a big step.

He is the first man I am seeing after Brian.

We are taking it slowly, but I feel good around him (In more ways than one, too).

Not to be rude, but the libido-boosting food list is real and does its job!)

Looking back, I don’t think Andy, or anybody for that matter, would have wanted to go out with me because of how down I was.

My belly fat was not only affecting my attitude but my health and how I felt.

I am grateful to Tanisha for clueing me in about the program, and for Bruce Krahn for making it easy for everyone.

I was given the chance to clean up my act and my body for that matter, and to obtain optimal health for the sake of myself and my daughter.

I even showed it to my mom. She is older, and the program is easy on her joints.

Hopefully, she will jump on our healthy wagon with us!

Want To Get In Shape? Try Lean Belly Breakthrough!

You will be doing yourself a service by getting hold of this program.

There is a money back guarantee, although you will not need it. I would have you start by checking out https://www.leanbellybreakthrough.com/ and watch the informational video.

(The story inside is rather moving, to say the least. You will cheer for Dan and Sylvie).

After that, simply buy the program on the same website, gather your willpower and get ready to be your best.

It is actually a program that is targeted towards the individuals in their 30s, 40s and 50s, so you do not need to be a young buck to do this program and excel at it.

If anything, imagine what your life will look like without this wonderful program. If that dangerous belly fat takes over, you could be looking at a life without a future.

Imagine not being able to see your kids graduate college, get married, or have kids of their own.

Positive ReviewsMake the investment for your family- I guarantee they will love you for it!

Plus, remember that this program is all natural and does not use any kind of harmful or ineffective drugs.

You are simply doing a 2-minute ritual each day and eating from a list of foods you already love.

And, while it may be hard at first, you simply need to pull through. I wish you all the best!

Go to Lean Belly Breakthrough to find out more.

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  1. Hi Jessica.
    This is a really good review, thanks for sharing as it helped me make my decision. I’m buying it and on the order page, is lean belly breakthrough a one-time payment? I don’t want to get locked into anything. Hoping you’re online to help.

  2. Thank you for writing this Jessica. This really inspired me and I have also not long been through a messy breakup. Love can really damage you when a heart is broken I’ve been in a dark place for month but with the help of good friends I’m getting through it. I believe getting myself healthy again both mentally and physically will help. I will be buying the lean belly program after work thanks to your recommendations. Can’t wait to start!

  3. Well done Jessica!!
    I’m following this program as well and it’s working. I will be following your journey. Good luck.

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