My Maxi Climber Review: Here’s What I Really Think…

Thinking about buying the Maxi Climber vertical climber? Read my review, it might save you some money!

AnnaHi there! My name is Anna and I’m a single mom with 2 boys which I love to the moon and back.

My ex-husband cheated on me with my best friend just over a year ago and ever since I kind of went through a bit of depression and took to food for comfort.

I gained 19 pounds and knew I had to do something about it FAST!

After seeing the ad on TV about the Maxi Climber vertical climber I did some searching on Google to see if it was any good.

Here’s what I found…

There weren’t many customer reviews other than these ones here(Opens in a new tab), most of them are positive with a few reviews that just seemed to be nitpicking at small things.

Other review sites that I visited gave very little information and just tried to sell it to me, which was a little annoying!

I also found it hard to find people who got real results from using the maxi climber, only on TV but they all looked like paid actors.

It was hard to find answers to questions I had as well which was frustrating. I spent hours doing my research (I always research before buying anything online.)

I found it hard to find simple things like: 

  • What is the Maxi Climber weight limit? (it’s 250 pounds if you’re interested)
  • How noisy is it? (it is a little noisy but not that bad)
  • How much space does it take up? (it doesn’t take up much space at all – it’s 4 feet long by 2 feet wide by about 6 feet tall)
It took me a while just to dig up those answers. I will try and answer more questions you may have below so it’s easier for you, so keep reading…

So, I Bought The Maxi Climber Vertical Climber. Here’s My Opinion:

After reading a few of the reviews online Maxi Climber unboxing and making sure I had enough room for it I decided to buy this one here at a great price, they’re the cheapest price I could find.

3 days later it arrived and I set it up in my living room.

I must say it is very easy to assemble, even for someone like me it only took 10 minutes to figure it all out on my own.

It doesn’t take up much room at all, a lot less than I thought. You can easily slide it into the corner of the room or if you have cupboard space, you can store it in there.

Testing Out The Maxi Climber

maxi climber vertical assembled

After setting it up, I had a quick go-to test it out.

At first, I thought it might be a little flimsy but when I stepped on it I was very surprised at how sturdy and strong it was.

It slides up and down in a smooth-like action with no wobbling or feeling like it was going to fall over.

It does make a little bit of noise but not enough to annoy me. If you’re like me, you’ll have earphones in listening to your favorite tunes anyways.

Straight away, I could tell it was going to give me a good workout.

Time to get serious…

My first 20 minute workout on the Maxi Climber Vertical climber…

I’m more of a visual learner so I watched a Youtube video before my workout so I knew what I had to do. I will add the video below.

Basically, I started off with small steps without using my arms, then went worked my way into using the arms gradually working my way into bigger strides.

Here’s the video I followed. ( I will tell you how I felt after my workout below) ..

I must admit this workout does get the sweat flowing and heart rate up. I was dripping in sweat after 10 minutes and had to dry myself a couple of times in between the 20 minutes.

I’ve only just started using the Maxi Climber and I can honestly say it’s one of the best workouts I’ve had in a LONG time…

The best way I can describe it is, imagine you’re climbing up a steep hill where you have to use your hands and feet. When you get to the top of that hill, you feel worn out but empowered!

Maxi Climber Results: (UPDATED)

I will try and come back to this each week with my progress and results.

Starting weight: 177 lb (80 kg)

Week 1 Results:

The first week is complete peoples, wow what mission! This machine is definitely an all-in-one workout station.

In the first week, I used it Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Each workout was 20 minutes and I followed the same routine as in the video above.

What the scales say after week 1: 174 lb (78kg) = lost 3 lbs

The good:

I’m feeling great, especially after a workout. I’m burning heaps of calories each session and I’m feeling stronger in my arms and legs already. The 3 lbs is a good start and I feel motivated to lose more.

The bad:

I still find it hard to diet but that’s all me, from now on no more junk food and time to cut back on soda.

My legs and arms get super sore the next day – no pain no gain right!

Going to buy protein powder and try to stretch more before and after using the Maxi Climber.

I Will update you in a week’s time…

Very happy with my Maxi Climber, for those interested I got mine from their main page here (the cheapest price I could find online, hope it helps.)

Week 2 Results

Happy Sunday! Time for an update…It’s working!!!

2 weeks in and feeling great! This week I increased the intensity a little but used the same routine as the maxi climber video mentioned above.

Days I worked out –  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Had the weekend off.

What the scales say after week 2: 169 lb (76kg) = total weight lost so far 8 lbs

The good:

Super happy that I bought this machine. It’s definitely giving me a good solid workout.

5 lbs in 2 weeks might not seem like much but I’m happier with the way I feel. I’m feeling more energetic and stronger!

I’m totally addicted…

The bad:

Finding it soooo hard to give up the foods I love but I have cut back on all junk food.

Until next week…

Week 3 Results


Hi everyone! I’m now 3 weeks in and starting to see some really good results. A couple of changes so do read on…

Days I worked out –  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and today (Sunday).

This week I followed another one of Rosalie Brown’s Maxi Climber workouts, this one.

Trust me, you can feel the burn with this workout! Highly recommended…

What the scales say after week 2: 164 lb (74kg) = total weight lost so far 13 lbs

The good:

I NEED NEW CLOTHES haha, that’s actually a good thing…I am so happy right now. My ex-husband was like “Anna, you’re looking really good!” and I’m getting compliments everywhere I go now, it’s the best feeling I will admit.

11 lbs in 3 weeks I’m happy with that. Starting to notice my belly and my thighs starting to get thinner. And my butt, it’s starting to lift a little.

I’m getting my confidence back yaayyyyyy!

The bad:

Even knowing my ex cheated on me, I miss him. He has the kids for the weekend and I’m feeling lonely.

Week 4 Results:

Update time!

One month is done and I am literally feeling like a brand new person. Hard work pays off!

During this week I’ve been using the Maxi Climber Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Still following the same routine too!

What the scales say after week 1: 160 lb (72kg) = total weight lost,17 lbs

Maxi Climber Before and After 4 weeks progress:

my results so far

The good:

I am so glad I decided to do this. So so so happy right now. I’m seeing big changes every time I look in the mirror. My butt is taking shape and lifting, my legs are toning up and my belly is now flat! Not bad for a mom of 2 boys!!!

The bad:

The only regret is not doing this a long time ago…

Heads up…I might be a little late with my update next week, I’m going away but will be back on Monday. Until then…

Questions You Might Have:

What is the Maxi Climber weight limit

250 lbs ( 113 kg) is the maximum weight for the Maxi Climber.

Is Maxi Climber worth the money?

YES YES YES! There are almost 2000 reviews on and the majority are over 4 stars. Read them here <<

Maxi Climber price

meSome places are selling it for over $450 but if you’re like me and love saving money, go to Amazon they’re faster with shipping and cheaper.

I paid well under that but the price may be different today ( Click here to check for the best price )

Read Comments or Ask Questions:





Beginner friendly:





  • Fun and easy to use.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Takes up very little room.
  • Gets the blood pumping!!
  • LOTS of positive reviews.


  • I don't really have anything bad to say - I'm a big fan!

37 thoughts on “Maxi Climber Review”

  1. Plus one for the maxi climber. My wife and I use it all the time and it’s great! Definitely recommend it if you want a good workout.

  2. One of the best investments I’ve spent money on. It gives you a real burn and it doesn’t take up much space. I’ve had treadmills, steppers and a rower but the maxi climber trumps them all in my opinion! Great review and good to see I’m not the only one loving it..

    • Totally agree with you Kerry.
      I think it’s safe to say the maxi climber is very popular. I’m seeing people using them all over the place now which is great.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. This review is the reason why I went out and bought one of these yesterday!
    I loved your breakdown of all the features, your week by week work out. And seeing your result…boom! Had to get one!
    I started on it last night and this thing is no joke!
    I put on a little weight from june to now and i need to get rid of it and I feel like this will help me out A LOT!
    Thank you a million times for this post/review!

    • Ohh WOW that’s excellent Danielle. You will love it, it’s such a good workout. I actually just finished a workout and done some stretches…I’m pumped!!
      Thanks for reading and glad you liked my review.

  4. This review was JUST what I was looking for – congratulations btw on living your best life after what happened with your ex! Thanks a ton!

  5. I love this machine but I do have one comment. The foot pedals need to be longer. Why? Because ones entire weight is EITHER on the toes or the instep. I am tall and not heavy but I am finding that my calves ache every time and tend to seize up. I’ve been having more thigh cramps which leave a weakness for days after. I don’t know how people who are overweight manage.

    • Hi Pamella. The Maxi Climber is definitely a must-have machine, I love it as well!
      I personally don’t have that problem but my friend tried it for the first time last night and said her calves and thighs are sore today …I’ve actually noticed my calves are toning up nicely as well but I’m not complaining about that haha.

      How long have you been using it? If only for a short time, it might be because you’re not used to it?
      Thanks for your comment and stopping bye.

    • Hi Ann. Trust me, you’ll absolutely LOVE this machine and with what it can do. As you can see from the pics my butt was pretty big but it lacked shape and thanks to the maxi climber and some hard work I’m noticing big changes in the shape. My bum is more round and I’m REALLY happy with how it looks in jeans, yoga pants and tights. I get compliments all the time, sometimes it’s a bit creepy but I take it as a compliment now. 100% worth buying and I honestly mean that!

    • That’s great Sylvia. I love the positive attitude and you can definitely do this. Focus on getting fit and you’ll start feeling great.
      I highly recommend anyone going through depression to try and get into some kind of sport or exercise because it does help and it’s a great release from stress and anxiety.
      Good luck and please do let me know how you get on, I’m sure other people reading this might relate to you and even comment to help keep you motivated.

  6. Hi!
    I wanted to ask something. It might even sound funny. I’m 4″10 of height and i’m wondering if i will reach the handles of the machine. Am i too small to use this machine?

    • Hi Jema,
      You will definitely fine for the maxi climber. One of my really good friends is 5″ tall. She’s so funny, I love her to bits and she’s soooo strong – she can pick me up with ease.
      Thanks for your comment

  7. The maxiclimber is the answer to a on going workout at lease 1 hour a day, it take’s time to reach you’r goal, never ever give up, it will all b worth while, also you can workout on the maxiclimber in you’r own home, you can work in any pair of work short’s and a sport’s bra, and break a sweat. The maxiclimber is AWESOME.

  8. Hi Anna. I was on the fence about buying one until I found your thorough review and the comments on it. ? I want to thank you for it and commend you for overcoming the adversities that you have. I think that you are lovely. ?

    I do have some concerns, though. I am concerned about it building my quads, which I REALLY DON’T want to do. I DO want to build my calves and it wouldn’t hurt to lift my behind. Also, I was wondering if it helps with improving core strength. I saw that your abs were more sculpted in your After photo, but your abs were already pretty toned.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you for the kind words Stephanie. I was actually a little worried about building muscle where I didn’t want to as well, but so far it’s toning and tightening which is exactly what I wanted. Ahh it’s such a fun machine I love it! Good luck with your journey and thanks for the comment.

  9. Anna, Sorry about your husband being an idiot! Congrats on moving on & improving yourself! I have asked Santa for one for Christmas…..dont know if I wanna wait since reading your review! I am a short 4’11”, hope the machine is adjustable?!

    • Hi Jenny, thank you for the encouragement. It definitely helps keep me motivated. You’ll be fine regarding the height and I hope Santa gets your wish lol. Thanks for your comment.

  10. I wanted to thank you for your review…I was on the fence based on some of the poor reviews about the quality of the machine but I think you’ve got me convinced…you haven’t had any issues with breaking pedals or ball bearings or anything, right?
    You have inspired me!!!

    • Hi cj, thanks for your comment and I’m glad my review has inspired you, that’s great!
      I haven’t had any trouble at all as of yet. I left it out my back patio the other day and my dog knocked it over and no damage thankfully. My fault for leaving it outside.
      I’m sure you’ll be as happy as I am with the MaxiClimber. Good luck.

  11. I bought one but I really don’t know how to use it do I start out small steps then bigger?
    I weight 165lbs I want to get down to 130lbs help me
    Thank you

    • Hi Sheena,
      I’m glad it’s inspired you. I haven’t had any trouble at all with mine. I guess with it being so popular and with so many sold there’s bound to be some default orders? If you do get one that has problems I’m sure you could easily get a replacement, fix or refund via the company or Amazon.
      Good luck.

  12. So, glad I found your review. I bought this machine before seeing your review. I have health issues and need to get back into shape. So excited and can’t wait till it arrives. Maybe after having two kids I can actually get my body back so, I am able to wear a bikini again. Thank you for sharing your results. I really feel excited and motivated.

    • That is fantastic Melinda, glad it inspired you to get back into shape.
      If you need a good workout program to follow along with as well as the maxi climber, I just bought the Bikini Body Workouts program at it’s really good and I will be following it to help get toned. I’m starting to get addicted to this fitness stuff 😀

      Good luck…You got this!

  13. Just got the Maxi Climber 2 days ago. After I was doing rope skipping and BW squats I thought it would be easy. This is a tough workout. Coming from someone who worked out most of my life. looking to lose 20lbs. Great review!!

  14. I’ve owned a MaxiClimber for about 8 months now, it’s great! I’m also thinking about getting a total gym. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

  15. Hi! I have been thinking about getting the Maxi Climber now for a couple months. Is the one you have the Maxi Climber Classic? And I definitely want to tone my arms, leg and butt, but my main problem is the fat area that has formed in the lower back area under bra area. That is my worst, self conscience area. Never had this issue before, and now it is there every time I look in the mirror, lol. Just wondered if you saw it being toned there. Thank you for any info you can provide and you look great btw!

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