Top 5 BEST Protein Powders For Woman

Quick Overview:

  1. Fitmiss Delight
  2. Ideal Lean Protein
  3. NLA Her Whey
  4. Gym Vixen Super Whey
  5. Platinum Hydro Whey

Read why they’re so good…

The last time I checked, I definitely wasn’t a man.

I walk, talk and dress like a woman yet that jerk behind the counter at the supplement store obviously couldn’t tell.

Because the fluro sports bra, purple sneakers and long hair weren’t clued enough lol.

I was stopping off after the gym to get a new supply of protein supplements and was asking where they had the protein powder for women.

I searched all around the store to no avail and decided to ask at the counter.

Mr. Macho obviously should have hit more books than weights because he stared at me stupidly and then pointed all around the store.

You’re looking at em, honey

I turned quickly before he could see the disgusted look on my face and looked again.

All I saw were oversized containers of powders screaming tough words like “Zombie killer, Mutant Machine, and Guns XL.”

All with pictures of wanna-be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s flexing their over-sized bodies.

No protein powders for women or even a general powder.

The Struggle Was Real…

no female protein

I left the store fuming and decided to try online.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by the mountain of different brands and I ended up ordering more than my Visa card could handle.

I tried a number of new brands along with some of my trusted favorites and finally, I found the Top 5 Best Protein Powders for Woman.

Today I want to share with you the best powders I have had great results with and provide you with the knowledge to choose the right product for your body.

Abby flexing muscleHi there, my name is Abby and I have been passionate about nutrition and dietetics ever since my freshmen year in College.

Around that time I also started blogging in hopes of motivating others to lead a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

I have tried more protein powders and supplements than I care to admit as many of them have simply drained my bank account without providing any results.

Thankfully I now know what to look for in a protein powder and how to get the most from the product I buy.

Why Women Need Different Protein Powder Than Men.

Unlike the knucklehead at the store I visited, protein powder for a woman is most definitely a thing and vital if we want to get results.

Our bodies are very different to a man’s and the way our body metabolizes food is also different.

So you do not want to use a powder that is structured for a man’s body as it simply won’t work as well or at all.

Hence why we should be using powders specifically formulated for our bodies to get the most out of every ounce we ingest.

For one thing, a woman trying to lose weight or build muscle requires more protein than a man trying to do the same.

If you are using a protein powder formulated for men, you won’t be getting the required amount of protein per day as you would with a woman’s powder.

We also require more folic acid in our diets which aids in forming healthy red blood cells.

Did you know our bodies can’t store folic acid? (1)

That makes it more important we provide all it requires to maintain our health and strength.

It’s simple hun, if we want results – quick results mind, because we aren’t getting any younger and summers coming – then we want to be using a woman’s protein powder.

We will be giving our bodies all they need to turn that fat into muscle and stay healthy.

The powders will also help control our appetites and squash any cravings for sneaky treats throughout the day.

This is why I have compiled the Top 5 Best Protein Powders for us woman to use and get on track quickly with our goals.

Number 1:

Fitmiss Delight:

fitmiss delight protein powder

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The company Fitmiss understands our requirements and produces supplements just for our bodies.

No muscly macho men here!

The Fitmiss Delight is designed as a complete protein supplement for woman and intended to be used as a meal replacer.

If you are new to protein powders and want to lose weight over everything else, this would be my first pick.

Each serving provides you with 16grams of milk-based protein with only 90 calories.

It also features a vegetable-based protein called Solathin which helps you feel full for longer making meal replacing easier.

I enjoy taking this one in the morning as an energy booster before lunch or even as a breakfast shake if I am running late.

The part I love about Fitmiss delight is how flexible the powder is.

It tastes great mixed with just plain water or you can add almond milk, plain milk or any other you prefer to give it a boost in consistency.

Currently, the protein powder comes in three flavors all of which taste great and don’t taste artificial like some others I found.

So does it get results?

Positive ReviewsYes, by using this powder alone alongside regular exercise I dropped nearly 10 pounds and started noticing muscle definition in a few weeks.

Before you begin wondering, the price is actually very affordable and turns out to be one of the most affordable protein powders available for women.

Before you rush out to buy some I would like to point out some potential deal breakers for you.

This is a milk based powder and contains Soy as well so if you have an intolerance to any of those things you better be wary of that inclusion.

Also while the powder is sugar-free it still has an artificial sweetener in it called sucralose (2) which adds a distinctive aftertaste if you are not used to it.

I personally got used to the taste over time but for those trying protein powder for the first time may find it unpleasant.


Overall I find Fitmiss Delight as a pleasant tasting and effective protein powder if I am looking to quickly drop the pounds.

It is perfect if you are looking for an appetite suppressant alongside a protein powder as well.

It may not contain as much protein as others but the great value and total servings of 36 per 2 pound container help outweigh the negatives.

Give this one a go if you are looking for a general daily supplement and have weight loss prioritized over muscle gain.

You can get this on here, and shipping was really fast.

Ideal lean Protein Powder

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  • This really does taste good, especially if you like peaches n cream deserts YUM!
  • Designed for women.
  • Great price.
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Second up is Ideal lean Protein Powder for woman made by Ideal fit.

This powder takes what Fitmiss promised and supersizes it.

Ideal Fit managed to provide our bodies with 20grams of protein per scoop for less with only 80 calories.

It contains zero fat, carbohydrates or sugar so it is the ultimate lean protein powder.

If that alone doesn’t sell you the delicious range of flavors will.

How does caramel mocha, peaches and cream or cake batter sound to you?

I found my mouth was watering when I was placing my order and couldn’t wait to try all 3.

Ideal Lean is designed as a protein powder to be used pre and post workout and will help if you have less than 20 pounds to lose.

It is more for toning your body and building muscle than a hunger suppressant so keep that in mind so you can order the powder right for your needs.

Starting to see why I used to get so confused about protein powders and so frustrated with powders designed for men?

This powder is hands down a woman’s one as it provides you with the essential folic acid I mentioned before along with high amounts of calcium, antioxidants and magnesium.

Keep in mind that although it isn’t designed as a meal-skipping shake you can still get the benefits of suppressing your hunger by adding some fruit to it during blending.

I have tested this and it managed to keep me feeling full, especially when I’m feeling peckish after lunch or a workout.

Also Lacto-Vegetarian

The powder is rated as lacto-vegetarian as it uses whey protein derived from milk and is soy free.

Since this is quite the super protein powder my biggest concern with Ideal Lean is the price.

Pound to pound it is more expensive than the previously tested Fit miss and does contain fewer servings (30 compared to 36 of Fitmiss) in a standard container.

If you can excuse the cost it is a fantastic powder if you are looking to tone up your body and want to start working towards visible muscle definition.

While it can be used to help you lose weight, I would use this one a little later in my body goals journey as then its benefits will really show.

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Gym Vixen Sexy Whey.

gym vixen protein powder

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  • Designed for women.
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Sexy Whey is another protein powder formulated for woman that are looking to continue with their muscle gains and toning.

It is touted as being a premium protein for a woman with its high concentrations of folic acid, vitamin D, and calcium.

Gym vixen understands that when we are deep into our diets, cravings for a sweet treat become harder and harder to ignore.

I am 7 months into my sugar-free diet and nearly caved in when I walked past a patisserie that recently opened up.

The smells wafting out of that shop broke through my mental reserves like a sledgehammer and I found myself turning towards the door.

You know what saved me?

The Gym Vixen protein shake I had waiting for me in my car.

The French vanilla flavor smells and tastes like real vanilla ice cream and if mixed with skim milk, you’ll be convinced you’re drinking a milkshake.

After enjoying my shake all thoughts of chowing down on extra-large Danish were squashed along with my hunger pains.

The taste is enhanced with sucralose so if you are not used to the taste by now it may be a little off-putting at first.

I assure you that in time you will become so accustomed to the taste you won’t be aware of it.

The Sexy Whey product is mainly formulated as a powder to build lean mass without getting the bulk usually associated with muscle growth.

With 24 grams of premium protein in every serving, you are receiving more than the first two products reviewed.

Even though the product is fat and carbohydrate free it does have a slightly higher calorie count than Ideal Lean.

Personally, I do not have a problem with that.

The difference is very slight, especially since when I am working towards building muscle those extra few calories burn off cleanly during my workout.

Now even though it states the protein is based on milk derived, it is rated as lactose-free.

If you suffer from bloating or cramping as a result of lactose then Sexy Whey could be the product for you.

It is part of the reason why the product is called premium whey.

It has all the benefits without the common side effects.

Another feature that I love is how easily soluble the powder is.

Unlike others I have commonly tried, Sexy Whey dissolves quickly without clumping and has an overall smooth taste and consistency.

Since it is a more premium product the price isn’t as competitive as others and is the only real let down of the powder.

One container provides 30 servings however so overall it is good value.

The high protein count and lactose-free formulation would be best suited if you are seeking to build lean muscle and want a great daily supplement.


her whey protein

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  • Made for women.
  • 3 Delicious flavors.
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NLA For Her are a company that gets us.

They have proven time and time again that as a lady we require an additional boost of vitamins and minerals that men simply do not require to maintain wellbeing.

I started using this powder after I started experiencing a lot of muscle pain after my intensive workouts.

I had upped my strength training after I decided to take on competitive rowing for one summer.

Every time I got home my muscles were aching like I never experienced before and I wasn’t feeling as energized as I usually was after a workout.

I started using Her Whey as a pre-training and after training protein shake and within a week I felt the benefit.

Her Whey contains over 9.4 grams of Glutamine (3) that alongside the whey protein helped repair the tears in my muscles after the strength training.

Suddenly I regained my previous pep in my step after a workout and wasn’t dredging hitting the bench press anymore.

Another thing that helped was the whey protein isolate which absorbs quicker than regular protein so recovery time is supercharged.

If you are aiming to build muscle or are experiencing a lot of pain after your workouts then I would recommend you give this one a try first.

If your goals are to lose weight first then try Fitmiss first and once you get the results you are after you can go with this one.

This powder is more of a specialized powder and it prices reflect this.

It is slightly more expensive than others but it is the serving recommendation that causes the real concern.

To get the full benefit you will need to use two scoops per serving as opposed to one of most others.

This means you will go through your supply twice as fast.

If you are training intensively then the price is well justified however if you want a balanced everyday powder something like Sexy Whey or Ideal lean are better options.

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Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey.

hydro whey platinum

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  • Great for men and women (good for couples)
  • 30g of protein
  • 7 Delicious flavors.
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If you ever wondered how She-Hulk got her strength and muscles, Platinum Hydro whey is the answer.

This is the top shelf protein powder if you are looking for the best product to boost your gains with the shortest recovery time.

Optimum Nutrition has come up with a powder consisting of hydrolyzed protein that has smaller chain proteins and pre-digested peptides.

What’s that mumbo-jumbo mean to us?

That means that the protein is able to be digested and ingested into our bloodstream twice as fast as regular proteins.

It is also great if you have difficulty digesting protein.

I came down with a stomach virus after a camping trip gone horribly wrong and for a few months, my body was refusing protein.

After a lot of research and talk with a trusted dietician, she recommended I try Hydro-Whey.

True to their word, the product did manage to keep my stomach happy and I was able to regain my strength with this powder.

After I got better and was digesting properly I decided to continue using Hydro-Whey to see how it benefiting my exercise regime.

When using it as a pre and post workout shake I noticed my muscles were not as fatigued, even after intensive weight training.

I have no idea how Optimum nutrition did it, but they created an amazing product.

Did I mention that not only does it taste great but also dissolves perfectly?

Using my standard shaker bottle I managed to create a smooth powder-less drink with only water.

It also tastes amazing with skim milk and I’m sure it’ll mix well with whatever milk you prefer.

Apart from the quick metabolizing, the powder also boasts the highest protein count per serve as well.

At 30 grams it is the Queen of Protein in our list and should seriously be top of your list if you are looking to build muscle.

Hydro Whey is a more specialized protein product if you are happy with your body and now want to start bulking up and building strength.

I wouldn’t use it as a hunger suppressant or to help lose weight as you won’t get the most efficient results.

However, if you have difficulty metabolizing protein then this is the one for you.

Since it is a very refined product the price is higher than regular protein powder however the benefits far outweigh the initial cost.

Quick Note:

Before you set out to purchase any of these supplements it is best to decide what kind of results you are after.

By choosing the supplement best designed to meet your needs you will get the biggest head start on your new body.

Remember not to overdo it if you are starting out and never exceed the recommended dose.

An excessive dosage will not accelerate effects!

The journey to your perfect body is not a race, take your time and do things right.

Common Questions Answered!

Questions and Answers

Click the plus sign to see answers

When is the best time to drink a Hunger Suppressing Shake?

Protein powders designed to satisfy your hunger are best taken between breakfast and lunch.

This works especially well if you are an early riser and the gap between those major meals is more than a few hours.

You can enjoy a shake whenever you begin to feel peckish as well just be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage.

Another great time to take your shake would be before your workout to ensure you get the boost of protein and blended supplements to get the most out of your body.

Do any of these Supplements contain Stimulants like caffeine?


You usually find stimulants like caffeine in specialized pre-workout energy supplements.

All the supplements I reviewed are recovery and appetite orientated and do not require any outside stimulating ingredients to help you achieve your goals.

Can I add anything to my shake apart from water or milk?

Of course!

The great part of these shakes is their versatility and ease of use.

The powders are designed to dissolve easily in a range of liquids.

Feel free to mix them with whatever milk suits your diet and palette.

Remember that you can also mix in fruit and spinach into your shakes to make amazing breakfast smoothies.

A smoothie with berries is one of my favorite breakfasts and a life saver when I am running late.

Will I see any results if I only drink Protein Powders?

That will depend on your dietary requirements and eating habits.

Unfortunately, there is no magic potion to lose weight without changing something in your life.

If you substitute a meal with a meal replacer shake then you should see a result – albeit at a much slower rate.

It is very possible to lose weight without dramatically increasing your exercise rate or visiting a gym however it is done with help of a dietician.

The dietician will draw up a diet plan for you and part of the plan will be protein shakes as they help provide key nutrients to your diet – along with protein – that help your body lose weight.

If you want to gain muscle or tone your body with powders alone I am afraid they won’t work.

The way protein powder works is that it quickly fills in and repairs the muscle your tore while exercising.

It fills in the blanks created by your workout and in time this makes your muscles grow bigger or more defined.

Without you creating room for that protein to work, it won’t be much help for you apart from the dietary support it gives.

My Conclusion: Us gals need to stick together!

A Woman’s body functions differently than a man’s and so requires a different combination of vitamins and minerals to maintain peak health.

That is why if we use a protein supplement designed for a male body we are not providing our bodies with the essential nutrients needed.

Vitamins like B9 also known as folic acid is essential for producing healthy red blood cells and maintaining reproductive health.

Women that exercise frequently require more protein than a man also due to our primary diets being smaller and less protein rich.

In this article, I reviewed 5 of the best supplements for a woman and every single one will provide you with all the essential nutrients you require.

The beauty of the 5 products is they overlap with their uses while each one branches out to help you in whatever road you decide to take your body on.

If weight loss is your aim then products like Fitmiss and IdealLean are here to help.

For toning and building muscle you have Sexy Whey and Her Whey and if you want to really bulk up then Platinum Hydrowhey is your choice.

Every one provides excellent nutrients and support of our bodies during any of your weight loss journeys.

With all these great products waiting for you, the only question you should have left is which one should I try first?

And if you ever find yourself in a situation like I did with a knucklehead at a protein store don’t get pressured into buying the wrong supplement.

You now know what you’re body requires and how to keep it running at its peak health and efficiency.

Besides, ladies have bigger fish to fry than playing as zombie killers anyway.

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  1. Fitmiss Delight would have to be the best tasting in my opinion. It doesn’t leave that powdery taste in your mouth like other protein shakes. It’s also one of the cheaper ones too!

  2. Thank you, this helped a lot. Normally I don’t drink protein shakes but my PT told me I should be so I googled the best and found your article. Makes a lot of sense and I think I will go with Fitmiss delight.

  3. I’ve just started to go to the gym and want to get fit. I’m not overweight, I’m actually fairly thin. Will taking protein powder make me fat or bulk up? I just want to get fit and turn my flab into lean muscle – tone up. Thanks for writing this, it’s helped a lot but I just don’t want to bulk up.

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