Yoga Burn Review: Is Zoe Bray Cotton’s Program Really Worth Your Money?

If you’re thinking about buying Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn program, have a read of my review – this might save you some time and money!

I think you’ll agree, yoga is a great way to keep in shape and to keep yourself centered.

But, finding the right program to do can be difficult.

Hi there, my name is Sally, and I always felt like I was busy…

Between picking the kids up, cooking for them, and getting all of my work done, I didn’t have much time for myself.

I knew I’d have to do something that was both relaxing and easy to manage, so I started doing yoga.

I needed something that gave me space to breathe, space to think and Yoga seemed the obvious option.

How I Found Yoga Burn?

Before I discovered Zoe Bray Cotton and her Yoga Burn program I was attending some yoga classes at my local gym.

At first, it was difficult finding the right class and a lot of the time my schedule didn’t fit in with the hours of the classes.

They were either early in the morning between dropping the kids off at school and heading to the office, or later in the evening when I was supposed to be balancing healthy meals for the kids and myself.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the workout!

It made me feel great, and things were going so good, but then the gym changed the times for the classes – aarrghh!

It just didn’t fit in with my schedule so I couldn’t go 🙁

But I wasn’t going to give up there though!

So, I went online and searched for something else.

It was actually a forum where I discovered Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn program.

Everyone in the forum was raving how good it was so I had to check it out

My Yoga Burn Review

I’m going to share my thoughts and opinions in my Yoga Burn review, so hopefully it helps.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them by leaving a comment below.

I’ll be honest, after seeing a lot of the other yoga programs the internet had to offer I was still skeptical.

I read other reviews and testimonials before making my decision and that’s another reason why I’m sharing my feedback today.

Eventually, I bit the bullet and purchased a copy of the program.

Before I begin, make sure you’re on Zoe’s official website (opens in new window) so you can follow along with some of the things I mention in my review…

Ok, so my first impression after buying it was WOW, where do I start?

You do get a LOT of content from eBooks to videos.

But after going though the members area and the introduction video it was all clear.

That’s when I had a good feeling that this program was for me…

So, What Is Yoga Burn and Who Is Zoe Bray Cotton? What You Need To Know…

You’ve probably already had a look her website, but who exactly is Zoe and what do you actually get with the program?

I think it’s important to understand what it actually is as well so here’s a brief run down before I share more of my review and results.

Yoga Burn is a program put together by Zoe Bray Cotton.

Zoe Bray Cotton is nothing short of a genius when it comes to yoga.

She’s a verified instructor and personal trainer and this is used beautifully in her twelve-week program.

She’s experienced both in yoga as a relaxation technique and as a way to tone your body and lose weight.

So, one day she must’ve thought “what if I put the two together?”

The result is yoga Burn.

The program itself tailors to your individual needs.

Other yoga classes can take a general approach, and when the instructor is someone who’s used yoga for a very specific purpose the classes can suffer.

Yoga Burn, however, knows what you may need from a bit of alone time and relaxation, and Zoe’s leadership of the classes feels like she’s talking to you and you alone when you decide to take it up.

Benefits of Yoga Burn and Why It Works So Good?

Other classes can also increase stress. I’ve been there.

Surrounded by twenty-somethings stretching their body into shapes that I haven’t been able to make in years.

When the instructor is just saying the position and demonstrating it and then they look at you expectantly when you ache yourself into your best attempt, it can be very stressful.

With Yoga Burn, however, as it’s in your own sitting room and because it goes at your pace, it’s so much better at relieving stress.

Also, not only does it tailor to your needs and decreases stress, it also adapts to your abilities!

So, you really do go at your own pace. Master something early and the course will adapt to this and the course will move on and include this a little bit more.

This led to what the course calls Dynamic Sequencing.

Dynamic Sequencing is the approach, you’ll hear a lot about on this course.

It will help you learn what you’re doing faster, the duration of the poses and the exact way to do them, and it’ll help you do them in your free time.

It really puts everything in your hands and lets you become the master of your own yoga routine.

Get Control Over Your Own Life

So, what has it done for me?

More generally, it has helped me get control over my own life. Now I can just sort my own relaxation and yoga time between doing everything for work and my kids.

Work can be demanding and so can kids, but with Yoga Burn, I’ve managed to find a way to shut out all of this stress. Specifically, the course has completely helped me destress.

Because of the mix between actual yoga techniques to both help the body and the mind, and the knowledge Zoe Bray Cotton deploys in the course, I’ve actually felt stress leave my body.

Not only this but because of the flexibility of the course I’ve managed to fit it around everything.

The three phases of the system:

  • Foundation Flow
  • Transitional Flow
  • Mastery Flow

These allowed me to learn at my own pace and move up when I felt ready.

Break Down of Yoga Burn

Foundation Flow immediately helped me become confident in how the course could help me.

It took me through everything I needed to know in a simple and efficient way and put my fears from bad yoga experiences to rest.

It started off by taking things slow and working on the relationship between mind and body more than just throwing me in at the deep end and expecting me to put my head between my legs in some strange fashion.

Transitional Flow is where the calorie burning really sets in.

By the time this phase started, though, I was more than ready to take it on.

The foundations were set, my knowledge was there, and I was ready to push myself a little bit further.

Where Foundation Flow was more about training my body to be ready for each position and training my mind to relax and ease into them, Transitional Flow was where I really started to master the moves.

Now, more than just stress releasing because of some relaxing and fun yoga, it was released because the program turned into a workout.

Finally, there is Mastery Flow.

I’d got it this far. I looked at my discs and smiled to myself.

They weren’t going to get the better of me.

And because of Dynamic Sequencing, they didn’t!

I had no idea yoga could be such a workout and how much good it could do my body, but after a couple of times taking on the final phase, I knew almost instantly.

I felt empowered.

Now I could finally get the time to keep in shape properly and not have to worry about leaving the kids alone in the house or making time for it.

There’s so many people talking about Yoga Burn and I love reading their testimonials for inspiration…

Click here to read all of her reviews – very impressive!

Yoga Burn Results After Seven Weeks

yoga poseAfter seven weeks I was already feeling the benefits fully, and that was only around the halfway point!

I’d already dropped a couple of dress sizes and waking up in the morning and getting ready for work was suddenly an instant process.

My snooze button would taunt me when my alarm went off, now it probably feels unused and lonely because I find it so much easier to just jump out of bed and face the day.

I feel so much more confident in my own body, which is great for so many reasons!

Not only does it mean I take less time in the bathroom before work, it also means that at work and chatting to the other parents in the playground I’m a lot more relaxed and feel more at home.

So really, not only do you get physically distressed from the immediate results of the yoga but the ripple effects of feeling great in your own skin to mean that anything and everything else is so much less stressful too!

Now that I’ve finished the course, I’m not left alone wondering what to do either.

A lot of other courses have this problem, where they take you through everything but then when it’s over you have to start the course again. Not Yoga Burn, however.

The whole point is teaching you how to do it yourself and how to become a Master of Yoga.

So now in my spare time, I’ll light some scented candles, dim the lights, get into my gear and carry on striking poses and going through routines.

I have so much more energy now to do whatever I want whenever I want.

Even the kids have noticed the difference!

They’re so much happier with their smiling mom who dances all around the kitchen while she’s cooking… most of the time.

Should You Buy It?

Honestly, I have to recommend Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn challenge.

It will work for anyone, and if you’re unsatisfied with the results by sixty days, you can get a full refund!

The workouts are great for new beginners and experts alike.

They are tailored to you and you alone. So, it doesn’t matter what level you’re starting the challenge from! What matters is that you pick it up as soon as possible!

You can check out the website and buy the product here:

Right now, there’s an offer so I would really recommend checking it out as soon as you can!

And if you’re still wondering what it can still do for you, think about where you are now and where you want to be in life.

Do you want to be more awake, more energized, do you want to be in better shape, sharper during the day?

Yoga Burn can do that for you!

Even if you already go to a yoga class and you’re very happy with it, there’s no reason to not take a look at the Yoga Burn Challenge. You can simply do both!

You won’t ache too much because the program follows your pace and your ability day to day. It’s so flexible and so helpful in bringing you to the next level of fitness.


So, what have you got to lose? There’s absolutely no risk!

You can try it out and return it, but I know for a fact that if you buy it, you’ll be keeping it, it’s just that good!

The results are incredible, and the program is perfect for people the world over.

In fact, the program is simply perfect for you, too!

Official website:

Thanks for reading and good luck.


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  1. I can definitely relate with you Sally. I feel the older my daughters get the busier life gets lol. I’m fairly new to yoga and yoga burn but I definitely recommend it and you’re review is spot on. It’s not your traditional yoga class and I can see myself sticking to this because it’s also fun to follow along with. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have a knee injury and need to lose weight. I’m new to yoga and found yoga burn in a group which is why I ended up on your review. Do you think it’s safe for someone with a knee injury?

  3. Thanks for sharing your review Sally, I decided to go ahead and buy. It looks to be a great program and can’t wait to get started.

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